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Tending The Garden Of Our Soul

Most of us will face a time (if not more than once) when we ask what is the point of life? Specifically, why do we as individuals exist? No child is born knowing what they want to ‘do’ – for they are simply happy to ‘be’. But then the child is taught that ‘being’ is not enough, aspirations are imposed and ‘doing’ overtakes all. Well, I want to share with you a truth that I have discovered - that in cultivating our ‘selves’, going back to our roots, through our past incarnations to the very seed of our creation, we can weed out the doubts we face now and blossom into the most spectacular form of our true souls…

One of the most popular types of workshop is related to ’Past Lives’ or ‘Soul Retrieval’. Perhaps this is partly due to a resurgence in all things esoteric, (it being  generally more acceptable for people to speak of these things), but I believe it is also down to the fact that as ‘beings’ we have a fundamental desire to re-connect to our place of origin the minute we become aware of our detachment from it. It is a scientific fact that only two fears are inherent in us – the fear of falling and a fear of loud noises - just look at any baby’s reaction to a bang or a feeling of instability. The medical profession relate this to our primal urges of survival, the fact that as babies in the womb we are protected from loud, sudden noises, encased in a warm dark place in which we are suspended – the safest environment for our fragile bodies.

Is it any wonder that our ancestral beliefs mirror this from a spiritual perspective rather than a physical one? When shamans journey back through their timeline, crossing the different realms they universally speak of ‘home’ as a place in which they exist that is warm, quiet and more often dark not ‘bright blinding light’. Within the darkness there is always light, but it is the ‘womb’ of creation that they all speak of and the comforting blanket of the dark serves also to highlight the ‘divine sparks’ of creation. And it is this very act or travelling through our incarnations that now seems to help so many to make sense of their questions today. Now, I am not talking about discovering you were someone famous, powerful or rich, though many people do recount appearing to look very different, and live out lives very alien to them now, but at the core of getting back to your roots, you will always know you are ‘you’, your essence remains constant. The reason for retracing your steps is to answer questions you have now, to give closure and make room for new information, just like following the clues on a treasure map..

The questions can be as simple as ‘Why do I need to go to Canada?’ as one man asked me once. This man was not someone you would ask for directions in a deserted street; he was powerfully built and had a stunning red Mohawk. When he was walking towards me I saw him transform into a most magnificent Mohican warrior. He stood quietly by my stall for a while, just looking on and I said to him, ’You’re a Mohican. You need to get in touch with your lands, don’t you?’ Well, he was aghast and told me that ever since he was a little boy he was fascinated by Native Americans, he’d been drawn to France and was desperate to visit Canada, to go ‘home’ but he couldn’t explain it to anyone because there was no reason why he should feel that way. He said people always thought of him as a ‘punk’ because of his hair, but he felt most comfortable having it like this, nothing to do with punks at all. For the first time he felt his inner knowing had been validated and he wasn’t going crazy. It was the ‘green light’ he had been waiting for to really live his life and do the things he wanted.

Tracking back can help us to end negative patterns, to let go of fears, to generally peel away all the layers of baggage that we have encasing us in this life.  It is also accepted as medical fact that what we experience as children determines how we emotionally react to similar events throughout or lives as adults. For example as children we are not born with a fear of hot water, it is only when we touch it and it burns or are told not to touch and associate feeling bad that we ‘learn’ it is bad. Same principle applies to the other extreme, phobias – a fear of spiders has probably come from witnessing someone close to us show their fear and it becomes a learned behaviour or a learned associated emotion. Some scientists would even go so far as to say that we can inherit fears genetically. This proves the idea that cells can store memory (another now more widely held belief)… So is it not possible that this stored memory can come from much, much further back?

That now as our ‘new’ brains (based again on scientific beliefs that our brains have evolved from a more primitive mammalian brain to ‘new’ brain the neo cortex), are capable of so much more than 150,000 years ago we can actually start making use of all the incredible information stored inside us and process it in a way that helps and not hinders. Understanding where this information comes from (and it is what a good practitioner can assist you to do) helps to makes sense of our very being. And the triggers to understanding these things can come from dreams, fears, an inner knowing or even certain places in the world; sacred sites are particularly prevalent in drawing people to them to work through issues from the past.

When I was growing up, between nine and ten years of age, I developed a fear of ‘multiple’ rape. Now, at this age I had no life experience of sex at all or exposure to it to explain why I was even having these thoughts and fears. Then a couple of years later I was raped by a man, but my fear and the dream didn’t subside.  I hadn’t had a premonition as a child, this was something else. It wasn’t till many years later when I was in Sedona, USA, that it made sense. My then husband and I went ‘walkabouts’ in the desert. Coming up to a ravine we passed three men standing by a car. As I walked passed them and entered the ravine I heard a voice say ‘Get out, before it happens again.’  I told my husband and he turned and noticed the men were following us.  We made for a very narrow part of the ravine, got on our bellies and began to crawl up and out. And as I did so I saw before me a village and in the vision this native village was being over-run by white men charging in and I knew then that my fear from childhood was based on this event from a long-forgotten past.  My husband and I crawled out, the three men gave up the chase, I never had the terrible vision again and that fear was gone.

Once we are freed from the negative emotions attached to our past experiences by understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores ‘ then we have the space to breathe more expansively and focus on our hearts desire, as well as having a stronger  connection to our source. In other words when we are happy in ourselves, confident that we matter and are loved we are free to radiate that outwardly and everything makes more sense. When we have tended the soil of our souls we simply grow better. I wish you all a bountiful harvest.

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