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The Spiritual Significance of Music – Simon Heather

Scientists in Germany have recently found flutes dating back to 35,000 years ago. The flutes are the oldest musical instruments found to date. (see link 1 below)

The researchers say that music was widespread in pre-historic times. The scientists believe that music created a powerful bond between people as they moved northwards colonising new lands. This gave humans an edge over the Neanderthals who eventually disappeared.

For thousands of years people have sung and made music together. This created a feeling of connection between people and also connected them to the earth and the rhythms of nature.

Music contains the mathematical ratios that make up the whole cosmos. Listening to music puts us in harmony with creation. Music can make us feel happy or sad. Music can soothe us or energise us. Singing and making music is good for our soul. In Germany they have a saying –

“Where there’s singing join the throng, evil man thinks nought of song”.

Recent scientific research is proving how beneficial listening to music is for us. Music is also increasingly being used in hospitals to assist the healing process (see link 2 below).


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