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from: Jill Mattson

The magic of Phi has everything to do with our life’s mastery!

Themagic of Phi has everything to do with our life’s mastery!

Researchershave been fascinated with when is the best time in one’s life to create theirbest and most highly creative works. The results are stunning!    

Einstein once said, "A person whohas not made his great contribution to science before the age of 30 will neverdo so." However, at that time thelife expectancy of people was less than it is now. A 2011 studyfound that physicists now make their most stunning discoveries at age 48.[1]Researchers analyzed 525 Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry and medicine from 1901 to 2008. Theycompared how the age of peak creativity, measured by the average age at whichNobel laureates did their prize-winning work, varied changed over time."The age at which scientists make important contributions is getting olderover time," Researcher Weinberg toldLiveScience.

Economist P.H. Franses of the Erasmus School of Economics in the Netherlands usedhis knowledge of sacred geometry and perceived a different result. In a recentpaper[2], he wrote thatpainters create their most masterful works (as determined by the marketplace)“at the 0.618 fraction of their lives (phi).”

Fransesreviewed 221 famous painters of the 19th and 20th centuries, comparing theirtotal lifespans with the year they created what is today their most expensivework.


Onaverage, the painters produced their most valued work when they were 41.92years old; they had lived just under 62 percent of their total lives. Theaverage fraction (of their life) is 0.6198.


Thenumber phi reveals itself in the spiral of a sea shell, a galaxy our bodies andcountless other places. Ancient people noticed that Mother Nature constantlydisplays this number and how healing it is to be in nature. They converted theirmusical scale to display nothing but a matrix of phi – for its healing anduplifting benefits. Today the equivalent of this cannot be even found in ourmusic. The author uses phi, in her Paintyour Soul CD for its transformative, healing and uplifting benefits.


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