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Chris James
from: Chris James
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The Body is the Source of Sound Awareness

The Body is the Source of Sound Awareness 

By Chris and Jenny James

Sound, Voice and Body

How is it possible that being ‘in tune’ with our body and rediscovering our truevoice can reawaken our natural clairsentience?

Wellit is simple really . . . down to a cellular level our body is actually feeling everything all the time, we have just ‘tuned out’ from the myriad of signals that it is constantly sending us … We keep going when we should be resting, we eat when we are full, we express in anger despite the terrible toll that it takes on ourselves and those around us, so we basically learn to override and ignore what we truly feel.

As we bring greater awareness, developing an understanding of what we are truly feeling, we can start to discern the quality of the energy we accept in our every day existence.

Along the way we have also ‘tuned out’ from the very beautiful gift that we are born with, that is the love of our voice, the ability to speak and sing with ease – and to love the experience. This is something that is naturally right there with us but for most people it could be a million miles away… like clairsentient awareness!

The fact is that we were all born with a beautiful voice!

Now you may say that’s fine for those who can sing, but I can’t. How many people totally dismiss the possibility before allowing themselves to explore the amazing instrument that they are born with in a way that is true for them?

Whether singing or speaking many of us leave this great resource, our voice and expression, untapped. Sound too good to be true. . . .no not at all. It is absolutely possible to sing unencumbered, from a place of clarity with ease and fun. As we rediscover our true voice, the voice that we were born with, we also experience the interconnectedness of our clairsentient body.

This can start with something as simple as feeling the sound of our own voice in our body. We know that we can feel a quality in someone’s voice if they are angry, we can feel all sorts of emotions in other peoples voices. So it is not a big leap to start tuning in and feeling such energetic awareness for ourselves, in fact our body does it naturally.

Sound, and of course our voice has a vibration and it can either be healing  – or not. As we speak, sing and play music it is wonderful to be able to feel the opening and expansion that the healing quality of sound truly brings. It makes a huge difference in our lives, our relationships, at home and in the workplace when we start to express from a place of awareness that is not weighed down by emotional baggage.

The healing power of sound starts with us, and the quality we can bring when we sing, speak and express naturally from our true being.


Posted: 25 Sep 2014 By: sue queenborough

As I discover my true voice my energetic awareness is growing. Thankyou Chris.

Posted: 15 Jun 2015 By: Rachael Kane Rachael Kane

Thanks Chris and Jenny. It's true, our body is feeling everything all of the time and the voice is a great way to develop our energetic awareness. I love the sound of my voice now, but this wasn't always the case. It wasn't until I let go of the preconceived ideals I had about how I wanted to sound and discovered conscious presence that the space emerged to really accept and appreciate myself and therefore my voice. Singing is now as natural as speaking for me.

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