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Category: Sound Healing

The Effects of Different Sounds

Alfred Tomatis says that bass sounds are felt throughout the body in a manner similar to the sense of touch. Low-pitched sounds stimulate the ear via the skin, the joints and the muscles. The ear translates this sound to the brain. The skin is an extension of the ear. 

He found that low frequency sounds (125-750Hz) affect our physical movement. Hence a drum beat will makes us want to dance. Middle frequency sounds (750-3,000hz) tend to stimulate the heart, lungs and the emotions. 

Tomatis believed that the resonance of 2,000Hz stimulates the bones. He says at this frequency the bones that are singing. Bone conduction stimulates the staples muscle of the ear, which stimulates and charges the brain. 

Tomatis said that high frequency sounds (3,000Hz and above) will literally 'charge up' the brain and affect cognitive functions such as thinking, spatial perception and memory. These high frequencies, even in small doses help to increase attentiveness and concentration. 

Tomatis has successfully treated ear, nose and throat disorders, hearing and voice loss, stuttering, ringing in the ears, inflammation of the middle ear, neurological disorders, spots before the eyes, drooling and eye-muscle imbalances. 

Peter Hamel says that Tomatis successfully in treated psychiatric disorders, depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, learning disorders, dyslexia, inability to concentrate and a variety of balance and co-ordination disorders related to problems with the inner ear. Tomatis successfully treated more than 12,000 subjects for dyslexia by transforming the receptivity of the ear. 

Tomatis says that throughout fifty years of the clinical and experimental process, he has chosen one composer, Mozart. He says that Mozart's music (especially the violin concertos) has the greatest healing effect for the human body. Tomatis calls Mozart's music, a very good mother! 

Tomatis also recommended listening to Gregorian Chant. He said that Gregorian Chant contains all the frequencies that the body needs.

Tomatis, A.A (1991) - The Conscious Ear - Barrytown, New York: Station Hill Press

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