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Carmel Reid
from: Carmel Reid
Category: Language & Sound

The Energy in Words

When we sing, speak or write, every word emanates an energy that we can all feel.

In some cases it’s obvious, in others it’s more subtle, and sometimes we are not even aware that it’s going on. Obvious ones are dramatic,  emotional, judgemental, or gossipy. More subtle ones could be intellectual, praising or the usual polite conversations that go on everywhere.  

The energy in a word is changed by the emotion or intention behind it. We could be feeling very angry but act ‘nicely’ because that’s how we’ve been brought up to be in public. The energy of that underlying anger will still be carried in our words, no matter how politely we speak. My mother was always proud of the fact that she never spoke to her annoying neighbours in anger, but it often felt like she was dumping on me and I used to wonder if they ever felt it in her silence.

I’m slowly learning just what an impact the words I express are having on other people.  Even when I write – I recently asked a friend to review an article and he quietly asked me, what is your intention in writing this? That simple question helped me to feel immediately that my underlying intention was to judge the readers, to assume their knowledge of the subject was less than mine, making them less than me. So I rewrote it!

In another example, I’ve been writing a report about work, about what’s wrong and offering suggestions for change.  It is very detailed and very critical but it’s just me giving my opinion.  My original intention was to be ‘helpful’ but no-one actually asked me to do it. On reflection, I have realised that to submit it to my manager would be imposing.  Underlying all of it is an ‘I’m Right and You are Wrong’ attitude, which helps nobody. So for now, it remains unpublished.

Interestingly, I’ve found that some of the changes are happening without me saying anything, as if just writing them down, nominating them, has created an awareness that people can tap into. I love it when that happens!

Not only do words affect the listeners or readers, they affect the person who is expressing them. Sometimes I start speaking and my words don’t feel quite right, so I stop half way through a sentence. It amuses my friends.

Even the words I am thinking affect my body – my stomach gets knotted up if I am worried about anything, my shoulders and jaw stiffen when I get angry, and if I get too mental, my head hurts. When I stop and feel into how judging other people has affected my body, I am astonished. When I allow my heart to guide what I say, life feels much simpler, and my body is more relaxed.

I am slowly learning to feel first and speak after. When I allow my thinking brain to guide what I say, a lot of rubbish seems to get in the way. When I stop, connect inwards and allow my heart to speak, the words flow easily and what I say or write, is then exactly what the other person needs to hear at that precise moment. That feels great.

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