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The Loft Trust, Music Parlour – Series Two: Music and Sound Events in Crouch End

“A new seasonal mix of non-mainstream music, sound, cross- art work, sound-energy practice, concerts and workshops curated by a variety of series' directors – each with their own unique vision for a mini festival of three events, in three months”.

The Loft is my home in Crouch End. I am very lucky to have a beautiful penthouse overlooking Alexandra Palace with a superb Steinway grand piano.

Between 2002 and 2008 I ran a series of concerts and other arts events here. Altogether I put on 60 events. I stopped the concerts in summer 2008 because

the workload and interest in performing here became too much for one person to handle. After a break of two years and a chance to rethink how to make good use of this unique space I have come up with a new scheme.

It’s over to you…. I am putting out a call for proposals.  Those who think they can curate a series of three concerts over three months should write down their proposal on one side of A4 and send it to me. I will consider the proposals and their suitability for this space. I may need to discuss certain changes in some cases. Some proposals may not be suitable. I will let you know if your proposal has been approved in theory and we will then look at diaries.  You then need to make arrangements with your artists and come back to me to confirm the dates. The Loft will provide a template e-flyer that you can fill in with your details.

The curator may of course also be one of the performing artists. The three concerts could include as many as nine 'slots' in total, or as few as three. (See "formats" below).  One slot (or perhaps half a slot) per series will be allocated for me to perform, as a guest in your series.  The curator needs to have an overall 'vision' for the mini series so that it can be presented as a whole. However my contribution need not fit in with your vision.  I may not always want to take a slot.

I have devised four formats for these events that will provide a variety of ‘feels’ to each event. Out of these four formats you should choose three, so each event has a different feel.  

Three of the formats are ‘concert’ – one is ‘participation’. 

The formats are:

Format 1 The Standard 

Format 2 The Social 

Format 3 The Intense

Format 4 The Workshop

(See below for the details of these formats)


As a curator you could potentially be an act for one of the three concerts/events – but not for all three. As a curator your name will be associated with the mini series and you will programme the events as you wish, (subject to approval) bearing in mind the formatting guidelines.  

For example : here is a possible series outline - 

The Loft Trust Music Parlour presents ....

Mini Series 1, “unusual instruments”

curated by Joe Bloggs and featuring... 

Concert One (Format 1 The Standard) Joe Bloggs – bagpipes with support in the first half from Henry Higgens – Spoons. 

Concert Two  (Format 2 The Social) friends and colleagues who play unusual instruments that Joe Bloggs wants to support.   

Concert Three (Format 3 The Intense) Joe Bloggs is delighted to champion the music of: Martha Marvellous and her nose flutes – with additional special guests on:  the saw, the jews harp… etc

The Curator does not need to be a performer, but he/she must hold and realize the overall vision for the series.

The Benefits

Curating a mini series of concerts enables artists to consolidate fans, collaborate together, network over a sustained period of time, follow a vision, develop a theme, experiment, try new work, get intimate audience contact and feedback, sell products CD's, DVD's (with a 20% cut for the Trust), promote future events, launch CD's, invite promoters, film concerts, record concerts etc!      All this for free! 


The curator will need to find three people who are helpers for the evening responsible for the practical needs of the event, including:

  • Preparing the space in advance – and clearing up afterwards

  • shopping for the food and drink (funded by the Loft Trust)

  • door donations

  • hosting (welcoming people in – showing them to cloakrooms etc)

  • Handling the sale of product

 (Glasses, crockery and cutlery etc will be provided by The Loft.)

All roles (curator and helpers) are voluntary. 


There will be a small initial fund in the Trust that will help launch the project. 

The Trust will have a not-for-profit business account and we will have an on- line and off line donation system as follows.  On line donation closes 24 hours before the event. 

Donate ON LINE for 1 event 

£5 (minimum) (Bring your own food and drink)

Donate ON LINE for 1 event 

£10 (minimum) (1 glass of wine or soft drink and food included)

Donate on the night on the door

£10 (minimum) (Bring your own food and drink).

If you want to book for the whole mini series you make savings: 

Donate on line for the whole mini series (three events)

£12.50 (minimum) (Bring your own food and drink)

Donate ON LINE for the whole mini series (three events)

£25 (minimum) (1 glass of wine or soft drink and food included per event)

Pay on the night on the door for the whole mini series (three events)

£10 (minimum) (Bring your own food and drink). Same as for single event booking. 

All donations collected will be placed in the Trust’s account and will be used towards running future events to support the Trust’s activities.

Running costs include: food and drink, internet fees, admin, wear and tear.

We will start the first mini-series as soon as I have some proposals that I feel will work well here.  


Please keep your proposal to no more than one side of A4 – 12 point font. 


If you want to amplify your concert you need to send a clear technical spec in advance on a separate sheet on A4 (one side only). 

The loft can provide: 

Amplified Speakers on stands (Mackie HR824)

Mixer – either 4 channel or 12 channel. 

One Neumann mic

One 414 mic

Two XLR mic leads

2 mic stands

plenty of music stands.

You need to provide 

Additional mics and stands and leads. 

If you want to record and/or film, take photo's - you will need to bring your own equipment.  You are welcome to do this. 

Please bear in mind : this is a private block of flats. I do not encourage big sound, very loud concerts. 


The Loft will provide an e-flyer template for you to fill in the details.

Data Bases 

You can send the e-flyer to your personal data base - and to the personal data bases of all artists appearing.  I will send to my Loft data base (700 names aprox.) All events will also be flagged on with a data base of 4000.

There will be no general publicity in listings magazines.

You can use the e-flyer on Facebook and Twitter for your friends and fans. 

Once someone has made their online donation they will be given the address and the directions via the internet reservation service.

People who do not donate on line but decide to come within the last 24 hours should contact the Curator (or a helper) for address and directions.  

Audience Size 

Average audience size for concerts has been (in the past) 20-30 people. Some events in the past have brought in up to 80 people. Many events get between 40 and 50 people. Capacity is 70! 


At some point I will be inviting people who take a keen interest in the whole idea and/or who are contributing successfully to the project to consider becoming Trustees. 

Trustees will be asked to meet from time to time to discuss the overall progress of the project and to make suggestions as to how the Trust can improve its vision and management of events.

Loft Trust "Formats"

Events will be held once a month on a Friday or Saturday evening and will run from 7.00pm to 10.30pm.  

Parking - there is one spare parking space in the car park - other wise side streets should be possible. 

It is highly recommended that curator and/or helpers come to the Loft prior to the day of the first concert to do a rekkie!  


Get in and space set up between 3pm and 4.30pm.

Music set up and rehearsal between 4.30 and 6.30pm.

Post event clear up and re-set complete by 11.15pm.

Format A The Standard (two 40 minute music slots) 

total music: 1 hour 25 minutes, total social: 80 minutes (not including arrival time of 45 mins)

7.00 Doors open

7.45 Music 1

8.30 Interval 1

9.10 Music 2

9.50 Interval 2

10.30 END. 

Format B The Social (two 15 minute music slots, one 30 minute music slot)

total music: 45 minutes, total social: 1 hour 45 minutes (not including arrival time of 45 mins)

7 Doors open

7.45 Music 1

8.00 Interval 1

8.30 Music 2

8.45 Interval 2

9.15 Music 3

9.45 Interval 3

10.30 END. 

Format C The intense (one 45 min. music slot, one 60 min. music slot)

total music: 1 hour 45 minutes, total social: 1 hour (not including arrival time of 45 mins)

7.00 Doors Open

7.45 Music 1

8.30 Interval

9.00 Music 2

10.00 Interval 2

10.30 END.

Format D The Workshop  

Total participation 1 hour 30 minutes, total social: 1 hour 15 minutes (not including arrival time of 45 mins)

 7.00 Doors Open

7.45 Workshop

8.45 Interval

9.30 Workshop

10.00 Interval

10.30 END 

 I look forward to receiving proposals!  If you know of people who would be interested to send a proposal who may not know about The Loft please forward. 

Warm regards to all,

Jenni Roditi

The Loft, Director. 

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