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Paul Benham
from: Paul Benham
Category: Sound Healing

The Magical Resonance of Celtic, Druidic and Dana Sounds - 6-8 May 2022

We will be sharing some of the practices and deep wisdom of our Celtic and Druidic ancestors, looking at the symbolism that guided their lives and spiritual practices, ways in which they would have connected with the great megalithic monuments and the magical sounding that they embraced to honour and connect with their environment and spirit worlds.  This can be an opening to begin the journey to discover our indigenous souls. There will be particular focus on working with spirals and spiral consciousness, which the Celtic and Druidic people held in great reverence. There will also be a focus on ceremony and an option to stay Sunday night and attend a sweat lodge and step up to our sovereignty at the Stone of Destiny on Monday

Friday 18,30 - Sunday 16,30 or Monday 16,30

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