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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman
Category: Sound Healing

The Outrageous History Behind The Original Sound Bath

Watch the video here -

This is the outrageous history behind the original sound bath - which was created by Fabien Maman, as a Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®, back in the 70s. It is hilariously told by Tama-Do Academy Master Teacher Terres Unsoeld, and is based on her and Fabien Maman's new book, Let there be Silence - acoustic sound healing for these times of chaos. .

Those of you who know Fabien Maman as the amazing musician, know very well that he loves to play boisterously real music with all sorts of acoustic instruments including drums and gongs in his Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts! Fabien's concerts encourage participants to sing and dance and play along with the band!

A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization® is a meditative experience with participants lying down on the floor or on a massage table to receive a "sound healing" to harmonize the physical body with the chakras and subtle bodies. What Terres Unsoeld is describing in this video is the Tama-Do Sound Harmonization®. We encourage everyone in the Sound Healing world to take a pause.... and listen to the Sacred Silence...

"The healing power of acoustic sound is found in the overtones - in the Silence space between two notes -

not in the notes themselves." Fabien Maman

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