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Simon Heather
Category: Sound Healing

The Power of Intention


I believe that all our actions have a conscious or unconscious intention behind them. In sound healing I believe that our intention is to be a channel for healing sound for the person’s highest good. This intention is usually stated in a prayer at the beginning of the treatment.

Even though we may wish that the person receiving the healing gets better as a result of our treatment we must surrender this desire.

I believe that in sound healing we must let go of our personal will and surrender to the Divine will. ‘Thy will be done.’ We do our best in the healing session but we must surrender the outcome. We can’t make a person better by the force of our will.

If we can let go of our personal will to heal another person then I feel that we can overcome the problem of imposition. This is a quote from Christina Ashby a student on the College of Sound Healing practitioner training -

“What struck me a great deal at the workshop was the softness of your toning. Throughout my training in singing, I had always been told to sing to my full capacity. As I progressed in the field, I noticed that more mature singers than I, had over the years, acquired an overdeveloped vibrato, like an uncontrollable wobble in their voices.”

“It began to dawn on me that this was because of far too much pressure on their voice, and not enough clear, pure singing. It is the purity of the tone rather than the loudness that we seem to have lost value for in our own musical culture. On a healing level, I felt that the softness of the tone from the healer, gave permission for the patient to take what vibrations they needed for healing, without invasion of the sound.”

“I can see how this soft toning could work in the same way that Homeopaths use the method of Potentisation. The remedy becomes stronger, more curative as the substance (voice, sound) is diluted to the minimum dose. The higher the potency, the more precise the selection needs to be and the deeper it can resonate – especially into the mental/emotional realm. “


Even the most skilful therapist, doctor or surgeon knows that some people get better and others don't. We can give two people exactly the same treatment on the same day and they will both respond differently.

A patient that I treat recently had an operation for colon cancer. I went into the hospital to give her healing after her operation.

Another woman of a similar age in her hospital ward had the same operation on the same day. My friend had a good recovery and was out of hospital in a week (much to the doctor’s surprise). The other woman was very poorly after her operation and was still there after three weeks.

In the 'Bhagavad Gita' Krishna says to Arjuna “Act, but seek not the fruits of your actions”.

In this way we keep our actions pure and untainted by our personal needs.

I believe that as healers we are not trying to fix people. We are supporting them in a healing process. This process will be different for each person. As healers we must honour each person and their individual journey.

Ram Das wrote a wonderful book for healers and carers called ‘How Can I Help’. In this book he says that healers and carers become burnt out because they get caught up in their role. We all have a private agenda and this often means we get caught up in being the rescuer or the martyr.

As healers we are there to help another person find their own way back to health and happiness, we are not trying to solve their problems for them.

Miracle of Healing

The more experienced we become as healers the more we can lose touch with the miraculous nature of healing. We give a person a sound healing session and they feel better! We give a person our time, our love, care and support and they respond to our healing.

I believe that we should never lose touch with this miracle of healing. When the love/healing energy within us connects with the love/ healing energy within another person something miraculous happens and we both feel uplifted.

Most people who seek healing have some form of imbalance or disease. (Lack of ease).

Most of the things that we do in life don’t bring us peace. Most of us are looking outside of ourselves to find happiness and this is the cause of many of our problems.

Healing allows us to re-connect with a deeper part of ourselves where peace, joy and love reside. Healing allows a person to find a state of inner peace and come to an acceptance of their life situation. This acceptance may not immediately remove their symptoms.

Once a person relaxes in a sound healing session they will start to listen to their body and their inner voice. Once they have connected with their inner voice they will know what changes they need to make in their lives to enable them to come back into balance. Once these changes are made physical and emotional problems will begin to disappear.

As sound healers I believe that we are creating a sacred space in the healing room where a person can receive healing. We are giving the person an hour in which they can go within and connect with a deeper part of themselves (sometimes called the Higher Self). We are helping the person to access this part of their being. I believe that all healing ultimately comes from within although the person receiving the healing may not be aware of this.

Sound healing is so beneficial because it allows us very quickly to move to an altered state of consciousness. Our sounds take the person receiving the sound healing into an altered state of awareness. Scientifically this is measured by a change in brain wave patterns.

I believe that we can’t help another person connect with this inner peace unless we have done this for ourselves. We have to find peace within ourselves first.

We must practice what we preach. We must set aside time in our lives to find peace ourselves. This may include time for - sound healing practice, chanting, meditation, stillness, being with nature, tai chi, yoga, chi gong etc.

If we don’t have a regular practice it will be difficult for us to stay centred when we are with clients who are disturbed and out of balance. We need to make ourselves a clear channel for healing.
Posted: 06 Mar 2010 By: Stefan Cartwright

Simon, imposition is rife in our culture and it's good to hear you open up a dialogue on the subject. I wonder how much the 'idea' of intention actually helps us and how much it gets in the way if we are to truly 'surrender'? How far are we prepared to trust?

Posted: 12 Jan 2011 By: Tobias Kaye Tobias Kaye

I heartily agree with Simon’s ideas but feel that he may be taking the intention to heal for granted. Surely letting go of intention follows on to having it, the phrase ‘Thy will be done.’ Follows on the phrase ‘…let this cup be taken from me.’ To attempt to heal without the intention would be as unproductive as imposing the intention is obstructive.
The importance of a practice is something I also feel very deeply. One needs to create one’s own relationship with the source of Being if one is to offer anything real to those in pain. A practice underlies the ability to move oneself into that space through which the other may find their own way to a healing relationship with the source of Being.

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