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Roz Crampton
from: Roz Crampton
Category: Sound Healing

The Rhythm of Life - Earthdance 2012 UK

Everything in the cosmos has rhythm......a pulse that drives it into being, giving it shape, movement and life. By opening ourselves to sacred, ancestral and primal sounds we can reconnect to the source of all life, re-energising, revitalising and rejuvenating our whole being.

An amazing weekend discovering rhythm...your own personal rhythm and how it dances with the flow, pulse and rhythm of life itself.... the cosmic dance....
The Rhythm of Life weekend included deeply relaxing and transformational sound baths, concerts, dance, meditation and spontaneous musical ensembles. The sacred sound resonances included gongs, singing bowls, bells, shamanic and tribal drums, djembe and African drums, tabla, hang, Native American flute, didgeridoo, cello and voice. 
Through the use of this extensive range of instruments the group went on a mystical journey together between Heaven and Earth. The Earthdance event created a strong sense of community, unity and connection with the joy of living through the universal language of sound and music.

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