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The Robin

In the Lane where Ilive, we are very fortunate to have a resident robin – a wonderful and friendlylittle bird who lives in a tree hereabouts, and can be seen and heard goingabout his business in the vicinity. I live in a rural area with lots of berrybushes – blackberries, hawthorn, rosehips, elderberries etc – so he has plentyto eat during the autumn. And in the winter my neighbour feeds the birdsregularly, so they are well cared for.

During last winter Ihad received a log delivery, and was busy transporting the logs from outside mygarage, through into the workshop to be stacked, when I became aware that robinwas watching me from a nearby tree. (Chloe wasn’t with me on that occasion,thankfully). As soon as I spotted him I slowed down my work and became muchmore mindful and aware, and he, sensing this, fluttered down to the ground andbegan searching the ground near the logs for worms and grubs. As I carefullymoved logs away, he had a new place to find his food, and we continued likethis for some time – me gently shifting logs, and him pecking up his meal froman increasingly large area of ground. When I had finished he perched in thetree and studied me, then for a minute or two sang his gorgeous song as if inthanks, and was off.

I saved a robin fromone of the cats a few years ago, and thankfully he was unscathed and flew away.So this robin, with his instinctive knowing passed down through the generationsof Robin Wisdom, will feel this, and my empathy for him. And maybe that’s oneof the reasons he sings so joyfully – knowing he is revered and valued for justbeing himself. His song indeed reflects his complete freedom and the feeling ofrejoicing in just being.

I wish I coulddescribe Mr Robin’s exquisite song to you, but mere words are quite inadequateto describe its beauty. His song is like the rarest and most high quality gemsin sound form – like diamonds of sound. It is the most beautiful thing I haveever heard, without a doubt. And he has such an amazing repertoire of the most beautifulsounds – I cannot believe the variety of sounds he makes; it is quiteastonishing. When I am in my garden and hear him, I usually stop what I amdoing to listen. I can’t always see him – he may be in a neighbouring tree oron a roof top - but his song is so distinctive that I can tell it is him assoon as he sings. It is so varied, yet instantly recognisable with its ownunique personality and timbre. His song is full of joy and pleasure, and sheerexuberance at being alive. Deep throated and full of such a variety of soundcolour and texture – ecstatic little curls and twists and phrases of sound,that stop me in my tracks every time I hear it. For such a small bird his songcontains an incredibly diverse array of wonderful varied sounds. This is true,natural Sound Healing! It is such a privilege to hear, and I feel like theluckiest person in Devon when he sings. He is such a magnificent little thing.I am moved every time I see & hear him. Mr Robin, I think you have capturedmy heart!


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