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Simone Vitale
Category: Sound Healing

The Sound of Golden Light

Golden Light is the name by which I define the experience of a space in between dimensions. It is like a rarefied substance that pervades everything and that connects all the levels of reality.

I have personally experienced the access to this level of perception through sound. It has happend for the first time in 2006, while I was taking part in a group toning class... but that was not my first transcendental experience that was somehow connected to sound.

The first access to a highest realm through music happened when I was about 16 or 17, although my level of awareness at that time wouldn't allow me to realise that I had been granted a visit to the angelic realms...

Trip to Sach Khand

This is what I have experienced together with a very close friend of mine.

We were spending a lot of time together at that time as we were sharing music and life daily. We were definitely deeply connected to each other with the tipical intensity of the teen-age years and it was not unusual for us to spend hours and hours listening to the music we loved or composing and playing our own songs. Since we used to go on until late night, I often ended up staying at his place for the night and it was not rare that we would go to sleep still listening to music.

One of those nights, while the music was still playing in the room, I had a dream...

I was completely aware of the song that was still playing in the background and somehow the sensation of the sound was more intense... brighter.

Imagine that you are listening to a mono recording over and over and suddenly the sound becomes stereo... and then dolby surround... and then more! That gives you a tiny idea of the sensation of sound I was experiencing. It was everywhere, inside and outside of me and the bundaries of my being were dissolving in this overflowing stream of sound and light.

I will not get into all the details, but even though the song was the same as I knew it, the sound was different. I was experiencing the sound as light flowing through my body. I found myself floating, weightless, amongst white clouds and bright shining rays of light-sound. And there was no time. The music was “flowingly” still... it seemed to be neverending. It was no longer just a song, with a beginning and an end: it was somehow eternally extending itself.

So there was this incredibly embracing, beguiling sound that was surrounding me and the voice of the lead singer (completely transfigured) that was passing through me.

I noticed two details: the drums and the guitar solo had disappeared. The reason why these details are important in this narration is because the next morning I told my friend about my dream. As I was getting more and more into the details of what I had experienced, he was staring at me with increasing astonishment. He told me that he had exactly the same experience. We started comparing our “dreams” and everything was corresponding. At some point he said something like: “ok, this is weird, but now I am going to tell you a detail I have experienced, and if that also coincide then...” I didn't let him finish and said “the drums and the guitar solo were missing”. He couldn't beleive it... and neither could I.

Although we were both aware that something extraordinary had happened we really didn't know what to do with it.

Years went by and the seed patiently waiting...

In my own way I have always been a spiritual person.

I used to express this side of me through my interest in mysteries like esoteric archeology and UFO's. My curious mind was expressing my need of “something more to life” and of some answers to my existential questions.

In 2002, just when I was beginning to open myself to topics like yoga, meditation and  the new paradigms of quantum physics, a video was given to me to watch: “Cymatics, bringing matter to life through sound”. I watched the full documentary in one go. Then I watched it all over again... something like 6 or 7 hours all together.

I spent the following week in a haze.

Some deep memories had been touched and awakened and my spiritual connection with sound and music was suddenly obvious.

Meetings with Masters

From that year my life went through a long phase of change and many things started happening as I was opening more and more to new parts of my Being.

In my dreams I started meeting guides and masters and visiting the Temple of Sound, a place where ancient knowledge about the nature and power of sound is wisely administered.

One night, while I was lying in my bed still awake I witnessed the visit of a swirling shining object. It came upon my head and projected a beam of light straight to the centre of my brain for a few seconds and then disappeared.

During that time I started working with sound, particularly with my voice, to consciously affect the energies in my body and my state of mind.

I started practicing toning and overtone singing to meditate and I often had visions of glowing symbols while I was using my voice to connect with my chakras.

In the meantime I started researching on the topics of sound healing and mystic traditions based on sound. I found some correspondence between my own experience and the teachings of ancient spiritual traditions like Vedic scriptures, Tibetan Buddhism, Surat Shabd Yoga, Ancient Egypt an the Hathor, Sufism, etc.

It was also during that time that the name “Luen” appeared in one of my dreams. It was associated with a presence that was embodying the perfect balance of the opposites and an alchemical quality connected with the legendary Hermes Trismegistus.

A touch of Golden Light

In 2006  I had the first taste of that Golden Light to which I am now connected in my work.

I was taking part in a toning class and the teacher asked me to help him for a certain demonstration. We sat in front of each other, three or four meters apart. The rest of the people were sitting in two rows on the sides. The aim of the excercise was this: the teacher and I were supposed to make a sound together and to guide the sound with our intention at the center of the space. The idea was that our two sounds would meet half the way and we would interact with each other's voice. And that is what happened. We could litterally touch each other's sound and it was quite a physical experience. At some point something happened... we did something with our voices, I can't tell exactly what, but my sight changed completely. I could clearly see how the man that was sitting in front of me was made of light. An intricate fabric of threads of shining golden light was sitting in front of me, giving shape to the outlines of a man. With my side view I could see how everyone in the room was made of this web of light and they were merging with the floor and the walls... everything was a glowing web of golden light.

For a few days after that I was puzzled. Then I started to consciusly tune into the sensations I had experienced.

In the meantime I had also found out that some of the symbols I had visualised in meditation have healing qualities and started using them.

The connection with the Golden Light I have experienced has become more and more  deep and familiar. That is the place from which I share my work with sound, music and energy healing.

To be continued....

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