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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman
Category: Sound Healing

The Tao of Sound by Fabien Maman with Terres Unsoeld, ©2010Cosmic Awakening through Overtones(Excerpt from The Tao of Sound, by Fabien Maman with Terres Unsoeld ©2010)

Science has come a long way in its understanding of how sound works in the physical body. Knowledge hasprogressed from the theory that a sounding vibration is transformed into vibratory energy by the ear drum andthen into electrical and chemical energy. According to French researcher and doctor, Alfred Tomatis, musicalmelodies are dispatched through the neo-cortex of the brain to the physical body’s molecular structure.I now know that before sound can arrive in the ear, it must first pass through the subtle bodies (aura). Thephysical body is enveloped by at least six bodies of subtle energy. The subtle bodies structure and nurturethe physical body. They also act as receptors and filters of information coming to us from terrestrial orcelestial sources.Because these subtle bodies are composed of progressively finer and higher frequencies of subtle matter,they can interpenetrate each other and the physical body. They also can be seen by clairvoyants and Kirlianphotography as extending beyond the physical body in what we normally call the aura. The Kirlianphotographs in Chapter I show this subtle energy in the aura of the cells and how it changes as the vibrationaround the cells change.Vibratory information coming from cosmic energy, such as harmonic overtones and light from a star or planet,(as well as any vibrational influence coming from music, color or movement closer to us), is received by oneof our subtle envelopes by affinity of vibration, in the same way that a radio picks up different frequencies ofradio waves from space.How we respond to these vibrational messages depends on what level is our consciousness.If I play a chord on the guitar, my harp across the room will start to vibrate. There is a resonance bysympathy - a recognition from both natural instruments - produced at the overtone level. If we considerhuman beings as natural instruments, we have the capacity to respond to sound either at the lowest animallevel; or to the highest, finest vibrations emanating from the sky. It all depends on what level we are tuned!Like the photo of the cell responding to its fundamental note. There is consciousness. The cell recognizesitself.... and answers back with vibrant color....When we are in harmony with our Source, we are in resonance with the Universe. When the particles ofenergy in the Universe (protons, electrons and atoms), carrying the highest, finest overtones, can penetrateand pass through our subtle energy fields, chakras and into the physical body, there is a moment ofrecognition - and subtle sound healing can occur.It is the space within the overtone which unlocks our Source! It is here where the greatest healing takes place.

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