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Dee Banton
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The Voice and Light Language

With 30 years experience as a sound healer and teacher, I feel very blessed to have shared such a deep connection with my students on their journey of “Self Empowerment and transformation with sound.”

I hold two monthly sound healing groups where people can experience the deep healing effect of sound, and regenerate on all levels.

I like to give individual support to my clients and students and usually hold smaller sized groups for this reason.  

If you are a beginner, its comforting to know that you do not need to make a harmonious sound with your voice, your own sound develops and changes as you heal, so there is no having to “Do it this way,” we can see where the sound takes us!  It is very Freeing!

When I use my voice for healing a combination of sounds, tones and overtones are emitted, and also channeled by White Buffalo Calf Women, often changing into light language.  These sounds allow us to let go and shift into another reality. Often you will see shape shifting, guides or a persons past life.  The Light Language brings in new keys and codes, which is information and knowledge that you carry within you, various sound can activate keys and codes within you.

Sound heals through resonation; this means that we can use the voice as a tool to find areas that are dis-cordiant in our energy field and body. Using this method, I call it the “wobbly voice,” we can detect where to focus the vocal sound for healing.

If you are interested in finding out more about yourself, without  to many words, opening to the spontaneity of life and loving yourself on a deeper soul level, sound can take you there.

Sound Therapy Practitioner Course

In Module 1, of our Practitioner Course we work with the Voice, the Rainstick and various rattles, developing techniques to give a sound healing session, heal yourself and develop your voice.

Module 2 includes: The Tingshaws, Tibetan Singing Bowls and the Runes. We learn Tibetan Bowl Therapy, and work with the Runes for divination, Rue Chi and Ceremony and to healing our Ancestral Timeline. We include ceremony at Avebury Sacred Site and Crop Circles (depending on time of year) often including Crystal Skulls in our activity.

Module 3 consists of: Various sets of tuning forks, and introduction to basic kinesiology techniques and the Chinese 5 Elements System, to release pain and blockages and limitations, from this life and past lives, healing the inner child.  The healing tones of the tuning forks go directly into the nervous system.  With this method you can reach a very deep level of healing for your client.

The International School of Vibrational Healing (ISVH), and our courses, are registered with the Complementary Medical Association, and on completion you will be a Qualified Sound Therapist, ready to set up your own practice. Thank you for reading through the info, wishing you Many Blessings on your journey!

Dee’s website: www.isvh.co.uk

Sound Course http://isvh.co.uk/practitioner-training/sound-therapy/

My 3 CDs/MP3 for sale are:

Light Transmission: Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, the Voice and the Gong.

Divine Temple: Chakra Meditation, Tibetan Bowls, Shamanic Song.

I am in Heaven: Angelic light music with keyboard and vocals.

CEs/ MP3 on Spotify:  Amazon, Google Play or http://isvh.co.uk/shop/cds/


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