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Lyz Cooper
from: Lyz Cooper
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The Way It Is (An extract from her latest book "Sounding The Mind of God")

At this time many of us are feeling the influence of the outer world on our energy system.  There is a global recession, the environment is suffering, war is still raging in Afghanistan, an impending food crisis threatens all of us and to top it all we may have to dodge a bullet from a crazy gunman when we step out of our front door.  Myriad tragedies, trials and dramas are being beamed into our lives via the television and internet every day.

When we are on the receiving end of this news we have a choice.  Do we allow it to change our energy system or not?  What can we do to make a difference and add meaning and calm in a world that seems in chaos?  I have found that a little understanding of the nature of energy, simple reflection and sound work helps me to stay aligned in a world that may seem chaotic, but is actually exactly the way it is meant to be.  Before I get into that, let’s have a look at the nature of energy...

We know that everything has a natural resonance. If you were to take a pair of tuning forks of the same frequency, strike one of the forks and hold them fairly close together the un-struck fork will also start to sing. This is because objects of the same or very similar frequency have a mutual influence on each other. This principle is a universal law known as “sympathetic resonance”. The Collins English Dictionary describes sympathetic resonance as “the condition of a body or system when it is subjected to a periodic disturbance of the same frequency as the natural frequency of the body or system. At this frequency the system displays an enhanced oscillation or vibration.”

If strong enough, this ‘sympathetic resonance’ can cause an object to explode or shatter, such as a glass that is smashed by a singer’s voice, or a bridge that is brought down by many people marching across it. The same principle is used in modern medicine to treat kidney stones. By matching the frequency of the kidney stone with a laser the atoms within the stone resonate and shatter. In his book “The Biology of Belief”, Dr Bruce Lipton states “there is enough scientific evidence to suspect that we can tailor make a waveform as a therapeutic agent in much the same way as we now modulate chemical structures with drugs.” I believe this is what we are doing when we work with therapeutic sound.   Therapeutic sound is sound plus positive focused intention.  This helps the system to rebalance itself.

We use the metaphor “on the same wavelength” when people feel a connection with each other on some level. This is sympathetic resonance, which is more of an instant like or attraction to a thing or person, rather than something that happens over time.


The history of entrainment goes back to a Dutch scientist named Christian Huygens. In 166l, whilst working on the design of the pendulum clock, Huygens found that when many clocks were placed together in the same room over time they would synchronize, even though they started swinging at different rates.  The entrainment process appears in every area of our lives. Usually it is the most dominant frequency that others entrain to and, as with Huygens’ clocks the strongest clock brought the others in to line with itself over time.

Just as we are entraining others, we are being entrained by outside influences all the time. Women living in close proximity will often find that their menstrual cycles will synchronize; couples sharing the same bed tend to breathe at the same rate whilst sleeping; people sharing a conversation may mirror body language and a fast paced drum beat will cause your heart-rate and blood pressure to increase.

“Contraction records memory. By making each egoic cell smaller, the world becomes larger and unfriendly. Each unit, in diminishing itself, actually programmes itself for self-annihilation.” Fred Alan Wolf PhD

Radiators and Drains

In the field of physics the positive energy of sympathetic resonance is known as “constructive interference” and the negative energy is known as “destructive interference”. In “The Biology of Belief”, Dr Bruce Lipton uses the analogy of two pebbles being dropped into water to describe constructive and destructive interference. Where the ripples made by the pebbles overlap there will be a convergence. If the pebbles are dropped from different heights or at different times (or both) the waves will be out of synch when they overlap so one wave will be going up when the other is going down. This results in the energy within the waves cancelling each other out. This “destructive interference” has an energy draining effect. When the pebbles are coordinated and dropped from the same height at the same time, the energy of the waves will be doubled at the place where they overlap.  This “constructive interference” is energy enhancing.

So what does this mean with regard to our everyday life?  As energetic beings we are resonating all the time.  The way we react to our environment and the events that happen within it is key; if you perceive an event as being positive, constructive interference is created which will expand your energy system.  If negative interference is created it will deplete and drain the system, which can create imbalance and dis-ease.  Quantum physics has demonstrated that intention - that is, conscious focussed thought can influence energy.  Energy is matter, so basically we can influence all levels of our being with our thoughts.  When you react to an external event in a negative way you will send a wave of energy through the system that alters brain chemistry, hormone excretion and a whole host of other reactions to take place.  Our thoughts about our world can create our dis-ease.

Awareness is Key

We experience our reality depending on our own learned behaviour – our ‘programming’.  Imagine you are flying over a motorway and there is a huge traffic jam below you. You are gifted with X-ray vision which enables you to see through the top of the cars and you choose four cars to peer into. In car one you see a women painting her nails and enjoying a little pampering time.  In car two there is an angry young executive who is on the verge of chewing through the steering wheel with the stress of being stuck in the jam when he should be in an important meeting. Car three contains a couple who is having a kiss and cuddle and in car four is a parent who is enjoying spending some extra time with her children.

In these four cars pleasure, anger, stress, joy and love are being experienced as a result of the same event - we all react differently to our world depending on our personal programming. Each event you experience only becomes positively or negatively charged depending on the reaction you have to the situation. If you have no reaction, the event is neutral to you. If you have a positive reaction, this creates a feeling of expansion in the system as it is resonating with the positive energy within you. If you have a negative reaction, this is because the energy of the event is resonating with negative energy within you.

When working with sound the laws of sympathetic resonance and entrainment are key. Therapeutic sound has the potential to resonate with your energy system on all levels, helping you to remember your true way of being and aligning you to the source.  Resonance shows you where your negatively charged programming is – it highlights unhealthy beliefs.  Reflecting on these ‘negative’ thoughts enables them to have the potential to shift, to transmute into something more positive.  Therapeutic sound (sound + intention) creates constructive interference that can expand your energy system, which in turn raises consciousness.  The first step is to identify constructive and destructive interference within your system.  Try the exercise below.

Exercise: Identifying expansion and contraction

Read this exercise first and then close your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the process.

Recall an event in your life when you were really happy, positive and on top of your game. It could be the time you first fell in love or won an award. Fill your mind, body and spirit with this feeling. Now multiply it by ten, breathing in the feeling on all levels of being. When you have filled your entire being with this feeling, cast your mind immediately to something that you recently saw on television or read in the newspapers that shocked you. It could have been a natural disaster or a murder or war, anything of this nature. Once again feel it in on all levels of being. After a few moments, bring your thoughts back to the wonderful event in your life and fill your being with this feeling once more before bringing your awareness back to the here and now.

How did that feel?

People often use words like “light” (in both colour and weight), “bright”, “happy”, “energizing”, “nourishing” and “joyful” to describe the positive visualization and “heavy”, “dark”, “depressing”, “hateful”, “fearful”, “disempowering” and “draining” to describe the negative visualization. Reflect on how you felt on each level of your being. Did you feel physically heavy or light in weight? Was your mind clear or confused? How did you feel emotionally? Stretch your awareness as much as you can. Did you feel the vitality and quality of your spiritual body? Some use the word “expanded” and “contracted” to describe how their spiritual level responded to this exercise.

Sonic Massage

When you feel you are being drained by the way the world is, tune in to this feeling.  Locate where it is in the system.  It may be a heavy sensation in the solar plexus, for example – or a dark colour over your head.  How you perceive the imbalance doesn’t matter.  Take a breath into the belly, close your lips and begin to hum, sending the sound to the imbalance.  Visualise the imbalance dissolving, moving, changing.  When you are ready change the MMM to AHH - open the mouth and allow the sound out.  Imagine the imbalance is being carried on the sound and being transmuted into light.  Do this for as long as it feels right.  If this has been a particularly emotional session you can tone OM for a few minutes as a ‘sonic cuddle’.

If each one of us takes responsibility for ourselves and our resonances then we will change our reality.  The more each and every one of us does this, the easier this process will become because we will be learning the process collectively.  The disasters, trials and tribulations of the world are perfects gifts of transformation and en-lightenment for us.  By reflecting on our resonances and transmuting them with sound and conscious intention we will raise our consciousness. 

What we perceive as darkness in the world is actually there to show us our light.  How does it feel when you reflect on that possibility?

Everything is perfect and part of the divine plan.  Look at yourself, move through your resistances, take responsibility for your thoughts and give the rest to your god or goddess. 

Relax, all is perfect!

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