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Beltran Melgar
Category: Sound Healing

The importance of being focused

One of the biggest problems we humans have in this moment ofevolution is to get rid of our minds in a world of unrestful  waves of contradictory information.

Preachers, charlatans, story talers, history tailors, singers, deaf and dumb speakers of horrors and fairy tales are continuously bombing our ears.

Multimedia is so powerful that it´s not easy to control our feelings when we are exposed to so many influences.

Internet is a bag full of treasures mixed with shit; and it´s very important to maintain ourselves as focused as we can in order to keep our thoughts in silence, under control, when we want to enjoy relax and peace.

Last advances in Quantum Physics have demonstrated us that reallity is a multi-shaped fact; something modelated by our own thoughts. That makes the situation a bit more complex than what we thought it was not so many decades ago.

Indigo teenagers are claiming the rememberance from the time of Atlantis.
Some scientists begin to prove the existance of God while some others prove that God is our true real Inner Self.  Nothing related to religion, while others pray and pray stating that the problems we have come from the outside instead of the inside of every human on earth.

Some claim extraterrestrials will come to fight us (power controllers love to spread fear around us)....others say they´ll come to save us. Some others say they will not come but we will dream they do so ... and so on and on and on.... “like a merry-go-round------ remember John´s song:----- I just had to let it gooo...”

Truth is everywhere.

All terms are valid. All situations deserve to be seriously respected and considered.
So it is very important to be focused as much time as we can.

The Hemispheric Synchronization acquired in the learning process of provoking in our brains the birth of binaural beats is an extremely valuable tool to afford these "Times achangin´".

I do strongly say that I know this because I am experiencing it daily and I tell you: It works¡
My life is dedicated to spread this knowledge combined with Reiki.

For me it is something like putting sound (binaural beats) over silence (Reiki)to build a beautiful simphony looping over and over like a powerful mantra of unconditional love.

And the focusing you reach when you have a coherent brain isreal power. YOUR own power.

You are your own master.

Love yourself before you try to love others.

Free Conferences, demonstrations and workshops will be held in the UK around Bristol this next month May 2011.

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