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Lyz Cooper
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Therapeutic Sound Association is Growing

Recently the Therapeutic Sound Association has gone from strength to strength.  Jane Ford-Farrand joined us a year ago as membership secretary and has been doing a sterling job and we are now really pleased to welcome Craig Eddington to the team.  Here is more information about the TSA.


The TSA is an association that represents, supports and contributes to the therapeutic sound field worldwide.

Our Journey

To meet the need for a body to formally represent the therapeutic sound field, in 2011 Sheila Hill (School of Inner Sound) and Lyz Cooper (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) formed the Sound Therapy Association (later we renamed the organisation the Therapeutic Sound Association to be more inclusive).

Prior to 2011 we consulted with many other prominent organisations and individuals in the field and The College of Sound Healing agreed to help us to set standards for training. We compared the number of hours of training, coursework, examinations and assessments and case studies that were offered by all schools and agreed on a minimum standard for training as well as a code of ethics and best practice. Once this was completed we could concentrate on getting members to join from these organisations.


A representing body means that we aim to be the official ‘go to’ place for anyone wanting to know more about therapeutic sound. Our intention is to unite the therapeutic sound field and provide information on approved training schools, practitioners and sessions. We are there to offer advice and inform members of the latest developments in the field, research and continuing professional development opportunities etc. A representing body is often called to be a spokes-person for the field.


We are here to support our members if they need help with a difficult or challenging situation in their practice or with their health and wellbeing. We also support clients and members that need somewhere independent to go if they have a complaint to make about a session or course they have attended. We aim to offer ongoing professional development courses, webinars and other services.  We support new schools and members to become part of the organisation.


We aim to contribute to the field by seeking out and sharing the latest developments in the field.  We offer a register of practitioners, therapists and facilitators that have attained a certain level of training, as well as associates that support the association.

In the future we hope to grow the field through research, projects and other opportunities. Our first conference planned for the Spring 2020 aims to provide a platform for individuals and organisations to share their work. 

We will be posting more information about what we are doing on our Facebook page have plans to organise a conference in Spring 2020 so please join us and get the latest information. If you'd like to join this growing network of like-minds passionate about furthering the therapeutic sound field, please check us out.

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