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Thoughts about the next Lifesound workshop

My next Lifesound Workshop is on the 16th May and as we are now just a few days away the preparations for it are beginning to come to fruition.

Recent research as part my PhD have begun to reveal some new approaches that can be taken with group intuitive improvisation and I am very keen to see how they play out with the next group workshop.

I am also very hopeful that at least part of the workshop will include a world\\\'s first. This will involve a very unusual way of starting an improvisation that I have yet to see evidence of anywhere else in the world. Someone reading this will undoubtedly be intrigued to find out what this is. Looks like you\\\'ll have to book on to find out (

On the other hand you can also wait until my next update on this site and I\\\'ll be able to tell you how it went. Someone will probably say that it\\\'s actually been done before but until then I\\\'ll stick with my belief that this will be a first.

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