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Tuning in to the Flow of Life

We’ve all met peoplewho seem to just flow naturally with life. People who seem to be totally intune with the Universal energy flow, and whose lives seem to be blessed in someway. When you meet someone who is in tune with this creative flow - the energyof Source itself - there is an almost magnetic attraction; they are a joy to bearound, because they are completely surrendered to whatever life brings them inthe present moment, and just go with that, without resisting in any way. Theyjust flow with the Universal energy of what Is.

We all have momentsand times like that. And because we’re talking about the energy of life itself,it is present in all the myriad aspects of life. A while back I watched a videoon the Internet of a 147 break made by Ronnie O’Sullivan, one of the greatestsnooker players of all time. He was in top form, and watching him achieve thatmaximum 147 break was truly a joy and a privilege to behold. He was totallyflowing with the Universal energy, and it was literally poetry in motion towatch. When people in sports or competitive activities are flowing in this way theyare unbeatable. I have seen Paul Gascoigne do it on the football field, andRoger Federer and other great players on the tennis court. This is where geniuscomes from – genius is the Divine made visible in 3D. You can hear it in greatpieces of music by composers such as Mozart or J.S. Bach, or see it in greatpaintings, or wonderful violins. These are just a few examples - I’m sure youcan think of your own. Those sportsmen, composers, artists and luthiers are completelyat one with All That Is in those moments of their creative art, and throughthem we become aware of the Divine in action here in our earth world. Thosemoments are unforgettable.

How to flow with life!The knack here, it seems, is to have put the ego aside and trust life to guideus, to send us the right thing in every moment, whatever it may be. In effect :Thy will, not mine. When we are surrendered to life like this and we are nolonger in control of everything, something else far greater than us is able tocome in and direct operations, as it were. We let go and hand our life over toThat. Then instead of things falling apart, as we would expect, somethingmagical happens – we become in tune with that flow of Universal energy andallow life to live us, rather than us trying to be in control of life.

When we are One withthe Universe/Source/Creative energy (call it what you will), we naturally developpatience. Everything happens in its own time – Divine timing in other words.This is the right time for all concerned, and it’s not necessarily our desired time!Things flow in their own time, quite naturally, and beautiful synchronicitieshappen. When we are no longer trying to control or putting our desiresuppermost, the Universe organises everything in exactly the right way. We findthat we can relax and let Source take over. What a relief!  

My own experience isthat the energy flow of Life always brings us exactly what we need – people,situations – whenever we need them. I never force anything – I just let ithappen in its own time. And if it doesn’t, that means it’s not the right time,or just not right, period. This is not a disempowered place to be – it doesn’tmean being a doormat, far from it. If life throws us something undesirable, wecan decide to take remedial action, or not. And within our state of allowingthe flow of life, we can put more energy into certain things to enable them toflow more easily. “Where attention goes, energy flows”. But we don’t actually needto try to make anything happen. Life happens on its own without our help orcontrol. It is more a case of allowing the process of life to unfold through us,naturally and in its own way, moment by moment. Tuning in with the flow ofLife. That, to me, is true empowerment.


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