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Vibrational Consciousness and Healing

June, 2013


            ALL of life is vibrational, and the organizing frequencies and wave fronts on the third-, fourth-, and fifth-dimensional levels are supplied exclusively within the solar field. The human entity is totally dependent upon these wave front patterns and their encoded Information Factors for existence. Without the sun there would be no life, no planet, no individual consciousness.

            The ancient civilizations, all solar cultures, had advanced arts, sciences, and technologies for healing with light, color, sound, water and subtle energies. Moderns are only beginning to rediscover what has been known among solar adepts upon the planet for millennia.

            As now understood by modern physicists, the greatest sources of Chi/Prana/Vital Life Force are in order: light, color, sound, air/aether, water, and sacred geometry. (Refer to Claude Swanson’s books and lectures, for example.) Thus, in vibrational healing we must access these essential elements with technologies designed to capture the proper dimensional “essences” in a comprehensive and holistic manner. It is not enough to use just one element, such as sound, if we truly wish to heal.

            Consider, for example, the ancient Essenes of Qumran and Mt. Carmel, Israel and Alexandria, Egypt, i.e., the Therapeutae, from whom we obtained the term, “therapy.” Those Essenes and Buddhists daily sun-gazed, practiced ablutions in mikvahs and flowing streams, intoned sacred chants, used specially cut gems and geometric patterns, practiced yogic movements and dances, developed the breath body (“pneuma”), and sought to commune with Light Beings from higher dimensions in order to serve God and cosmos --- as well as to maintain health of body, psyche, and spirit.

            The principles, followed by the early Gnostic-Christians, but set aside by the organized church, are the basis of modern alternative therapies. Of course, there is much more to these ancient arts, sciences, and technologies than may be covered in a general discussion. For example, we omit the dietary concerns, detoxification concepts, oils and essences, aromatherapy, herbs, force center enhancements (chakras), et alia. Our school, Cosolargy International’s Jamilian University, makes available an intensive introductory program in these and other areas within its two-year Academy Program. I have been with this school since 1975 and serve on its faculty. Feel free to contact me, if interested.

Sound Healing:

            Currently, there are an incredible number of “sound therapies” being practiced. These include, but are not limited to, sacred music, chants and intonations, rattles, drums, gongs, bells and singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, diaphragmatic resonators, flutes, guitars, harps, mallet instruments, synthesized sounds and musical recordings, chairs, tables and geodesic domes with loud speakers, along with other new and innovative — as well as traditional devices for healing, and in what are often respectable clinical applications of sound therapies — sometimes not.

             The understanding held in common by all such practitioners is that sound healing is the therapeutic application of various frequencies, resonances and rhythms to the corporeal, mental and spiritual person, with intent, to bring that whole being into a state of improved “harmony” and “health,” e.g., proper “resonance.”

            However, correct “intent” and “intuition” are also dependent upon one’s personal level of consciousness on the multi-dimensional levels, are they not? One must also take into account the forms and levels of consciousness embodied within the person being treated, as well as the guidance available via higher spiritual Consciousness. “Channeling” such information from the mid-range, dark, fourth-dimension is, of course, a practice fraught with danger and karmic side-effects. This why a “Higher Solar Consciousness” is recommended.

            Regardless of the media or “intent” employed, the fundamental understandings within sound therapy are that (1) every object has frequencies/vibrations that are inherent to its natural, optimal, condition — that all matter may be viewed as pulsations of energy — from the subatomic wave and particle levels to the larger standing wave fields and nodal formations of galaxies; (2) that energy is emitted and/or absorbed by virtually all energetic bodies, including human beings; and (3) that the “signature” frequencies of an object determine its function, its normal resonance, and its essential relationship to all other objects and forces in the universe. Indeed, and as mentioned earlier, absent these vibrations, forming as standing wave fronts, nothing would even exist.

            When frequencies are “out-of-tune,” or when optimal resonance is not taking place, illness and/or poor functioning is inevitable. The purpose of vibrational therapy is to introduce/re-introduce into the body and its organizing fields the proper frequencies/resonances that are needed for improved physical, psychological and spiritual functioning. In therapy, when a vibratory force is induced into the body and its fields a “locking-on” or “entrainment” takes place within, a process that restores the missing order of frequencies/resonances to the systemic area, body part or field that is/was dysfunctional. This is accomplished via natural sympathetic resonance.


            I began investigating solar teachings and vibrational healing in 1975, i.e., as a student of Jamilian University, and while pursuing my doctorate in music at the University of Washington in Seattle. Studies at that time included Cymatics, Synergetics, Perceptual Studies in Psychology, Musicology and Ethno-Musicology, Phonetics and Etymology, Acoustics, and a host of diverse subjects related to biological, psychological, and spiritual “balance.” I insist these and other studies are rather a priori for one wishing to become an authentic “sound healer.”

            In 1979 I relocated to Nevada in order to work more closely with our school and undertake advanced approaches in vibrational healing. As a result, we opened our clinic, Steamboat Healing Center, and began applying the initial therapies now known as “Sonatherapy.”

            Sonatherapy is the holistic application of “vibrational” energies to the entity, delivered either individually or in combination, for the alleviation of pain and amelioration of suffering in the promotion of self-healing. It is a unique and advanced approach to healing that uses wave fronts of sound, light, and color combined with hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, massage, and other energetic modalities to promote natural health of the body and its fields.

            Specifically, the primary elements employed within Sonatherapy include/but are not limited to, Light and/or Color (photonics); Sound (Cymatic and Music Therapies, Wave Front Bioresonance, binaural induction, music/mantram/chanting/singing/intoning, etc.); Water  (hydrotherapy); acupressure — acupuncture —meridian activation, massage/manipulation/alignments, hands-on energetic therapies; and/or additional energetic (Synergetic) vibrational technologies as found appropriate in the restoration of Vital Life Energies (Prana/Chi) and balance for the overall well-being of the Entity/Light Body.

            In general Sonatherapy helps strengthen the body’s natural functions to improve circulation; open the meridians; stabilize hormones; strengthen the immune system; improve muscle tone; strengthen the force-color centers; improve eye, ear,  and nasal function; and, balance psycho-physical health.

Wave Front BioresonanceTM :

          All parts of the body respond to sound, light and color stimulation,  including  the  eyes,  olfactory bulb, brain, cranial nerves and sympathetic— parasympathetic nervous systems,  organs, cells,  meridians,  force centers (nadi-chakras), and the enveloping electro-magnetic force fields  of  the  organism. Again, just as with sound, all energy in the Universe is vibrational, forming standing wave fronts.

            These energies are multi-dimensional and are not dependent upon space, time, specific energy state, mass, inertia, or gravity, per se. Each dimension derives from the next higher. Thus, such labels are, in fact, meaningless within the larger context.

            Light energy, especially sunlight, and color have been used since the beginning of humankind’s appearance on the planet to promote health of the body and greater healing. Sonatherapy uses well-established protocols for applying light and color — pulsed in harmony with acoustic arrays — to provide a healthier entrainment of, or influence upon, the body and its higher fields.


          In general Sonatherapy has been proven to help these and other physiological conditions:

                        Allergies & Inflammation

                        Ankle Sprains & Injuries

                        Arthritic Pain

                        Back Pain


                        Bone Spurs


                        Disorders of Glands & Organs

                        Oedema & Swelling

                        Fibroids & Cysts


                        Hearing Problems

                        Knee Injuries

                        Neurological Conditions

                        Plantars Facitis

                        Psychological Disturbances

                        Respiratory Disorders

                        Scar Tissue



                        Varicose Veins

                        Wound Healing

          The theories and practices of Sonatherapy fall under the auspices of the greater Arts, Sciences, and Technologies of Cosolargy®, including Heliotherapy, Solar-Eye Photo-Syntonics, The Science of Generated Existence, Metempirics, Christogenesis, Self-Transformation via Archetypal Symbols, ParaCosolargy, Dream Analysis, Vision Analysis, Christoanalysis, and similar Consciousness theories and practices belonging to the International Community of Christ and its affiliates, including the Cosolargy Institute.

            The combinatorial elemental approach of Sonatherapy helps to insure that the true bioresonant and field energies of the entity are brought into proper balance, ideally with heightened Consciousness, Being, Intellect, and Form. The organism is fundamentally dependent upon Light and Sound within a set of interconnected communication networks/pathways, each of which is a carrier of energy containing Information Factors. The proper absorption (inflection) and radiation (reflection) of IF are ultimately determinative of physical, psychic, and spiritual well-being.


            Sonatherapy uses vibrational “Sonations” that have been developed in the laboratory. Each sound/archetypal combination is analyzed as a Cymatic formation in water. Such intensive analyses allows for classification and ongoing “tweaking” of the arrays. A select number of these Cymatic videos are posted on our non-profit You Tube “Sonatherapy” channel.

            The underpinnings of the science are extensive.

            (1) Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners developed and practiced Cymatic Therapy for over half a century in England with astonishing results. I met with him in 2008 prior to his passing, at which time he shared all of his research and future vision with me.

            (2) The work of Buckminster Fuller and Hans Jenny help make clear the Synergetic basis for Cymatic patterning.

            (3) The undertakings of Manners, Paul Nogier, Olav Skille, Alfred Tomatis, and a host of others, make clear the efficacy of vibrational applications in therapies.

            (4) Still others, such as Gerald Pollack, Neils Bohr Institute, Fritz-Popp, and myriad colleagues, have verified that the phonon chains (oscillons, bosons, solitons, etc.) and the bioluminosity of the Light Body are linked — in fact, inseparable. All biological and morphogenetic functions rely upon this fundamental interaction and causative action.

            In creating healing Cymatic videos in the studio we are actually accessing the Prana/Chi/Vital Life Energies discussed earlier. For example, the light and color are there, the air/aether surrounding and playing a role in the Cymatic build-ups (4th-phase surface water/vicinal), the sounds and vibrational resonances are present and in control of the pulsating environment, while all is shaped into sacred geometry. In other words, not only are the videos healing and filled with living subtle energies, they also contain the “intent” for healing…just as with the water crystals of our colleague Masaru Emoto. Viewed online the videos are healing, a fact that has been confirmed by hundreds of viewers in blogs and emails. Still, “live” treatments at our Steamboat Healing Center facility are obviously far more beneficial. In fact, the subtle energies can become so strong that we often have to stop the therapy — as the revivifying atmosphere becomes overwhelming! With this therapy — “less is more.” Clients often forget why they even sought treatment in the first place — or what exact “condition” was of concern.

The Future:

            Importantly, all the work we do with Wave Front BIOresonance and Sonatherapy is strictly non-profit. As a matter of spiritual ethics, I receive no personal remuneration from the clients I treat. Amazing how much greater the outcomes as a result of this approach! All fees go to support the work at our clinic and/or are placed in a fund sponsoring our ongoing research.

            Those who have requested training and/or certification in this technology are asked to enroll with Jamilian University (501c3) for studies. Our practitioners in Japan are certified following completion of studies and in-residence training, for example.          All of our endeavors depend exclusively upon donations and philanthropic support from enlightened friends and colleagues. Therefore, while Saontherapy is surely “here to stay,” its future will be determined by these “angels,” both earthly and from the other dimensions referred to herein.

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