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Voicelines with Chloe Goodchild

Are you ready to find your authentic voice? To really sound yourself, speak your truth, listen deep and hear yourself without judging? Are you ready to express yourself without resisting in ways you never imagined possible? Book a Voiceline with Chloe Goodchild. Discover the transforming power of your voice in just 30 minutes

A Voiceline is a 30 minute phone or skype call with Chloe Goodchild and costs £30. 60 minute sessions also available. Keep reading for voiceline content, booking information, times and voiceline testimonials.

There are as many ways to approach a Voiceline as there are people. Each person brings a unique story. The story of your voice, how you feel about your voice, its message, its emotional tone, range, and resonance, your relationship with speaking, singing and silence – these all reveal the essential information and starting point for your Voiceline. A Voiceline with Chloe offers you an unconditional listening field within which to build the confidence, the creative expression and the tools for courageous conversations. This empowering and confidential vocal session gives you a profound and immediate experience of your unique sound and voice. Chloe’s relaxed and open-hearted listening will empower you to engage with the inner music of your soul, supported by her meditative, spontaneous and structured vocal practices to take away and use in everyday life.

To prepare yourself think about what most matters to you in your life, and what you most want to express. How do you feel about your voice? What do you most love about it, what remains hidden, and what is longing to be heard. You may want to bring a question about your voice. You will be surprised by how easy it is to express your true self, once you simply listen to the sound inside you, let it be, and explore it in simple melodic messages.

Remember your original dream, let go, jump into your life with passion and presence, express yourself from source, strengthen the muscle of your soul, build your house of song, follow your truth, swim strong, always belong with your soul song, let your energy sound river guide you, commit to the journey home, fall in love, touch and be touched, connect with who you truly are, strike a loyal friendship, a courageous conversation, become a conscious leader, a cohesive team trainer, a singing field maker, interconnect, create action, radical change, a compassionate life, sound a new world into being…

One thing you can be sure of… You can rely on your naked voice to reveal who you truly are.

Call +44 (0)117 9548006 or e-mail for a Voiceline. See The Naked Voice diary for next voiceline dates: Voiceline

“The voiceline was an utterly life-transforming 30 minutes! Chloe instinctively took me to exactly where I have been avoiding going with my voice for a number of years and since then, I have been experiencing a breakthrough both with my voice and with songs flowing. I am still integrating and amazed.” Vaishnavi

“Over the past year I have given the most wonderful gift to myself, the very personal gift of Voicelines with Chloe. These have helped me find clarity with my life direction and I am subsequently making changes in my life path. While I have participated in many of Chloe’s workshops which have greatly supported my journey of growth, I have found that the Voicelines offer a more personal space to listen deeper and breakthrough self-limitation in the many guises of ego. Voicelines with Chloe have been one of the best gifts I have given myself” Olivia Varley

“Chloe is a voice whisperer…through compassionate listening she encourages me to re-connect with my Soul’s true voice, a deep inner knowing I thought was gone.” Stepanie Sharon

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