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Vuvuzelas and B flat

For the three weeks of the World Cup the whole world has been subjected to the sound of these horns.

The vuvuzela is a 65 cm (2.13 ft) plastic blowing horn that produces a loud, distinctive monotone note, typically around B flat (the B flat below middle C).

B flat is often associated with blues music. I am wondering what effect this sound has had on us all. Have we all had the World Cup Blues!

According to the University of California phone lines buzz in the note of F. Toilets flush in E-flat. And fluorescent lights hum at 60 hertz a B-flat!

Apparently people with perfect pitch get distracted when the fluorescent light above their heads starts vibrating somewhere between B and B-flat.

In Europe the frequency of the alternating current is 50 Hz (close to the note G). In America the frequency of the alternating current is 60 Hz (close to the note B flat).

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