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from: Muz Murray


Before they come to get me, let me share with you my

First, love your own uniqueness then you will be able to love all others as yourself.

Cease striving stop trying to be something (you already are): and simply be.

Purify your mental smog with mantra repetition.

Stand back and witness the promptings of the ego-sense and realise it isn’t you.

Always listen to the promptings of your soul instead.

Be aware that not listening is the major cause of cancer.

Constantly regard this passing film-show of world insanity from the vantage-point of the Witness, instead of from a mind sucked into the film.

Eschew religion: seek spirituality.

Don’t believe everything you think!

Realise that only your belief is bondage.

Give up trying hard ‘to please others’ live your own life.

Do nothing that is conditioned by the eyes of others.

Walk not in the way of the world and stand back from the mentality of the herd.

To your own Self be true Live your own dream.

Hug trees.

Cease thinking—and concentrate on the love that will then well up from within.

Live consciously from your spiritual heart-centre …and awareness of who you really are will arise (without even having to ask).

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