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Debbi Walker
Category: Sound Healing


My name is Debbi Walker and I run Suara Sound Academy in Cornwall, teaching Tuning Fork Sound Therapy.  I used to be a district nurse, working for the NHS for 12 years.  I have a First Class Honours' Degree in Tissue Viability (Tissue Viability is how wounds heal and respond to different treatments, plus much more) and when I was a nurse, one of my roles was I used to run wound and leg ulcer clinics and visit housebound patients with wounds.  I always believed that one day my experience in woundcare and my experience of working with Tuning Fork Sound Therapy would meet, they did. The pictures in this article are of wounds and I am sharing this as this photographic evidence shows first-hand how Tuning Fork Sound Therapy may aid wound healing. 

When Mike, a construction worker and biker came to me, he was a complete sceptic, but he had been told skin grafting was a real possibility as the wound on his forearm he had sustained by coming off his motorbike at 80 miles an hour wasn't healing (pictures 1 & 2).  He didn't want surgery and really had no place to go, as Mike had been discharged by the nurses.  So a chance meeting (!) with my husband and Mike's partner led Mike to come over that evening for me to see what, if anything, I could do.  

The wound bed was in a really poor state of health and was 'bound' by dry exudate.  It was pale, dry and no healing occurring (see picture 3).  The fundamentals of wound healing is to create a warm, moist environment so the cells can migrate across the woundbed. 

On the first treatment, it was too painful for me to do anything much and I knew I had to gain Mike's trust as this was way out of his comfort zone.  So I basically used the Clear, Cleanse, Balance system to work with the chi of the wound, the energy, of which there was a big lack of vital lifeforce healing energy, which I had ascertained by dowsing.  It took some time to clear the old chi and bring in good chi. I did this by using the OM tuning fork, ‘taking out’ by using a counterclockwise motion  and then ‘putting in’, using a clockwise motion.  I then used the 528hz tuning fork, once again, ‘taking out’ old energy and then ‘putting in’.  This was a very important part of the process. Mike could feel the woundbed tingling as this was happening.

The next evening Mike came back and I was astounded how the woundbed was looking, as was he, although he still remained sceptic for some days to come.  It had changed so much that I was able to take away the dried exudate from around the wound (see picture 4).  NOW I was able to concentrate on moving things forward with the sounds.

Mike had been given simple dressings of jelonet and mepore to keep the wound covered - we continued with these as Mike's work was not conducive to open wounds, and we needed the wound to be covered by something.  Plus they are not dressings that would promote optimum wound healing, so when reflecting on the wound healing I knew that there was no 'properties' in the dressing that would lend itself to optimum cell proliferation (growth), ie, hydrocolloid, silver or honey dressings.

We carried on daily for two weeks with the 528hz tuning fork and in that time the wound decreased by approx 50%.  Then Mike went away so I taught him to use the 528hz tuning fork for himself (pictures 5 – 7).  He even got a friend to do it for him when they had a race track day.

I was away, then Mike was away again so even though Mike had been sending me pictures I caught up with the wound in the flesh, so to speak a few weeks later, just as it was healed. In total, 4 weeks and 2 days (picture 8).  Imagine the money this saved the NHS, let alone the pain for Mike.

Mike was very happy that he didn't have to go down the skin grafting and surgery route.  I was so very happy that I was to physically SEE what I 'know' intuitively happens.  

Once again, my thoughts are, if we can see this happen on the outside, we can only imagine what happens on the inside.  It's quite something.  One day I hope I will be able to take this work forward and do more trials and actually biologically work on a more scientific basis.  If there is anyone reading this who would be willing to work with me doing more research I would love to hear from you.  We are at a new paradigm and this is just the tip of the iceburg. I will continue my work with the sounds and keep trying to get it accepted to work alongside conventional medicine. 

Sound is the Medicine of our Future' Edgar Cayce



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Hi, my name is Michael.  On the 5th July 2014 I had a motorcycle accident and sustained a deep abrasion on my right forearm.

I was treated on site by a paramedic and advised to go to the local hospital the following day.
I visited the hospital daily for approximately 6 weeks where the wound was cleaned and dressed on a daily basis.  I was then referred to a plastic surgeon who advised me that I may need a skin graft if the wound did not start healing.
That weekend, I visited Debbi Walker of Suara Sound Academy who examined my injury and suggested  fork healing to which I was very sceptical.  I agreed to trying the treatment as felt I had nothing to lose and did not want to go down the route of a skin graft.
I visited Debbi on a daily basis for approximately 2 weeks and noticed a remarkable difference to the wound within a couple of days of tuning. I went on holiday and Debbi kindly lent me a tuning fork to continue the treatment and showed me how to use it effectively. Within 3-4 weeks, my open wound had healed over and grown new skin.  Needless to say, I am no longer a sceptic and amazed by the results.
I have not had contact with the hospital throughout the duration of treatment by Debbi and would highly recommend this. Without the tuning I would most certainly have been treating a skin graft.
Thanks again Debbi for all you have done
Regards Michael

Permission granted by Michael to share his journey and his photographs

For more information contact:

Debbi Walker


01579 383123 / 07946 310239


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