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Walking the Way of the Gong

The gong has a unique power of fullness. It fills matter with resonance.  The river of sound flowing from the nuclear energy of its alloyed metallic elements produces a synergistic vibrational tonic that has within it an alchemical sound substance called  ‘Syntonic’ tone.

It suspends the sense of time through a virtual  omnipresent suspension of living tone that is held as a standing wave in the acoustical space.

Our synchronization with this timelessness results in a dimensional shift. We cross over to an Awakened 4thDimension. We call this yogic state ‘Turiya”, the point of equilibrium in movement.

This point of poise is the presence of PHI.

PHI is exact point of the golden ratio that begins with a Major Sixth 1.666 and meanders unerringly to a Minor
Sixth of 1.618…..and beyond.

It is like an edge that is sharpened infinitely  to a finer and finer micro-point. It is an event that disappears beyond a horizon.

Gong Yoga Nidra is a state of total awareness of awareness. Super Consciousness is a state synthesized by a total synthesis of simultaneous complete sleep and complete wakefulness.

This neutrality is not indifference. It is a transpersonal inclusiveness, the Buddha mind.

Contemplation and Samadhi are interchangeable terms. Their meanings both underlie a perfect health state where regeneration, rejuvenation and relaxation are dominant.

Gong bathing in the fullness of tone is as basic as breathing, as nourishing as eating, and as natural as sleeping. It is an experience of the inner senses that has the nectar taste of sweet bliss within it.

We should not underestimate the cosmic star power of the flat disc-shaped gong. It is the on-going echo of the original heavenly music of the spheres. It is the manifest sound beget by nothingness and uttered by the one alone, the Voice of Silence.

The 3rd Eye Pituitary Mallet is the Will of the Infinite that strikes the Crown Pineal Gland of the Creation bringing forth Totality, which is Unconditional Love.

‘Letting the gong play you playing it’ is the goal of the ‘conduit’ gong player.

What occurs is beyond the perception of the witness of such ‘awesome’ sound events.

Sharing the report together after bath is a non- judgmental completion of the bath. It is most similar to a debriefing of an astronaut of inner space arriving back to a 3 dimensional world.

When in the midst of the ocean gong bath, new neuron memory paths are being created with synapses not connected to the reptilian system of karmic retribution. This prefrontal cortex network-making is the 3rd eye/3rd ear merger of spiritual free will and that which allows the great creative spirit to improvise the gong music of functional harmony.  

As in gong yoga, we do pranic breathing in order to burn out the carbon from the blood, so do we in gong tone saturation disconnect from the Negative Ego or Ahamkar and its dysfunctional karma of past memory lines. This old circuitry must be left unfed and unsupported as new awareness neuron circuitry replaces it. 

Our 3rd Eye  prefrontal cortex then resonates to the moksha (freedom) of Wisdom/Love of the Original/Authenic Self. 

The term “Maitreya” refers to this ‘everyone friend in everyone’. Being in Turiya is being in this non-conditional state of Love. It is the great non-being Being which we call our Soul.

One of the essential intention guidelines of each gong master in training is  “Om Hrawm Mitraya Namaha”

This is an honor mantra of true friendship.

Literally; “If we become a friend to everyone, everyone becomes our friend!”

Multi tone unity is known as a musical telepathic resonance of ensemble being, where dissimilar gifts are exchanged and the synchronous society is unveiled.

As the bottleneck of the Dec 21,2012 time tunnel approaches, the gong’s re-birthing phenomena can be a now ‘out of time’ initiation experience of it. 

Just as bubbles merge with ocean, so is this gong experience becomes a local/global re-emergence of the spiritually illumined human.

This outwardly expressed Humaneness is that of the collective planetary self with a friendship to all life. And, its energy of life is now shooting through the dusts of the earth and bursting into numberless blades of grass and tumultuous waves of flowers.

This is a coming of spring in the wonderful field of dreams, the sacred garden world of our planet, which at this very moment is being made sacred and galactic. Each gong master has an important part in its manifestation.


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