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What is Sound Healing

The word Healer comes from the Old English words hale or hael meaning whole. Heal - to restore to health, to repair by natural processes. Healer - one who restores health.

I believe that the ability to heal is a natural gift we all have. When someone is ill we naturally comfort them by placing our hands on them. Healing energy is transmitted to them. The ability to give healing with our voice is an innate gift that we all possess. When a mother sings to her baby she does not need to be trained to do this.

Sound Healing is a simple way to share love. The sounds that we direct to another person in a sound healing session help to activate their body’s natural healing mechanism. In a sound healing session we are creating a sacred space where a person feels safe, loved and can relax.

In this space the person can hear their ‘small still voice’ within and receive inner guidance. I believe that as sound healers we are primarily facilitators, we create a space in which healing can occur. We listen to the person’s needs and respond to them. I am reminded of what Don Conreaux the Gong Master said to us at a Sound Healing Conference.

Don’t try to analyse or interpret a person’s experience after a gong healing session. We have assisted a person in coming out of the limiting box that surrounds them. We don’t want to put them back into that box. I think that this beautiful wisdom applies to all sound healing.

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