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Chris James
from: Chris James
Category: Sound Healing

What Stops Us From Feeling The True Beauty Within Our Voice?

 The voice is always a microcosm or reflection of ourlives. So what stops us from seeing the true beauty within our Voice, (and ourselves?)

For most of us it is the many years of putting ourselves down, and from not being allowed to express freely from an early age.

When we see ourselves through the eyes of our teachers and parents, we can only see ourselves from this contracted and judgmental viewpoint, and we end up believing that it’s us! When these critical and imposed beliefs are peeled away, we can look deep within and truly see that we are simply beauty-full, and that we don’t need to be anything that we are naturally not. All of this, both the contracted belief and the re-claimed expression are reflectedand can be felt and heard in the voice.

The freedom to be ourselves is all we need. We are not our work, we are not what we do, nor whom we were born to or are partnered with or what nationality we may be, and as we recover our self-expression this freedom returns. When we re-discover our natural voice we can express the beauty that we are within. This comes with an awareness of self-loving gentleness, and this is why it is so important to be working with the voice gently.

To do this, we must first, bring our body back to a gentle way of being, starting with the breath. The gentle breath is the foundation of our return to natural self-expression. It is then that we can bring through our natural and unique voice, and allow it to gently expand to its full resonance with no pushing or striving or force. The amazing strength and clarity that comes with this awareness is profound, and affects our daily life, as we can then start to return to feeling the energetic quality of the voices, music and interactions of our life and our surroundings. It is true – everyone is born with a beautiful voice!

Is living joyfully in every moment our natural state ofbeing?

Well, why should we accept anything less? As a baby we don’t quantify, judge or filter our life’s experiences. We are clairsentient and freely expressing and we feel energy - in fact, we feel EVERYTHING. Joy is experienced naturallyand doesn’t have to come from entertainment or distraction; it is a natural state of being for a baby. As an adult we can now let go of the impositions that we have had put upon us and that we have allowed, and experience once again the simple joy-full expression of life’s delight, as lived from the innerheart - and what better way to do this than to sing with all our heart!

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