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What is Soundfulness?

What is Soundfulness® ?

Soundfulness is a registered method for subtle communication with sounds. Soundfulness uses tibetan singing bowls, ethnic ritual instruments and the voice. People trained in the Soundfulnes method become a professional soundworker. They do work in companies, in wellness, in schools and in healthcare.

Why Soundfulness?

A wide variety of people are interested in using acoustic instruments and their voice. Because they intuitively feel the quality of resonance, which gives openess for a careful and subtle communication and healing treatment. This results in an affective empathic contact with clients, pupils. Soundworker and client both experience Soundfulness as opening and supportive, as a healing environment. Soundfulness passes mental and verbal constricts, the unconscious interactions of ego.

Where Soundfulness starts and goes.

Every Soundfulness activity and interaction starts with body awareness, the optimum physical condition and presence of the body. After this we pass the emotional area , which we call mindful awareness. Now the soundworker arrives in the healing space. In this open space is expanded awareness and within this space this Soundfulness method makes it possible to pass disabilities, handicaps and impossibilities. In this space of Soundfulness is an interdynamic flow of touch: a subtle instant composing, a deep inspiration and knowing what really is needed. This touch has healing qualities. This moment of interconnectedness, of flow we name therapeutic resonance. This is what the client experiences not only as relaxation but also as an open feeling of Beingness where there is joy, acceptance, trust and peace. Modern neurobiology underlines that these qualities are the ingredients that finely resonate within the body and, more important, with the brain.

For which people?

Soundfulness focuses on people who are working with adults, adolescents and children. Soundfulness as a soundmassage, as sound treatment and as relaxation or healthy awareness. Students trained in Soundfulness become a professional soundworker. They use this training as their professional development in healthcare groups, in coaching, in the educational sector and in the wellness industry.
Practical examples: People with mental disabilities relax with Soundfulness. They start communicating with subtle movements of their body, their faces are able to express their emotion. This experience effects the insights of counselors and caregivers. From this experience they can create or modify treatment plans in which these experiences are processed.

Students, teenagers are able to escape the code of the group with Soundfulness. Inner processes are experienced and they can experience and handle this unique experience and share this in their group. Youngsters show their inner emotional experience, a previously hidden or dark side. This gives teachers the opportunity to approach their pupils from a different angle.
Wounds heal faster and with less scartissue when supported by Soundfulness. The self-healing of the body being addressed, the harmonics of the sounds support a soft recovery of the body. Soundfulness clients experience a benevolent support during this healing process.

Soundfulness brings relaxation for body and mind. During these processes, the relationship between mind, emotions and physical body is experienced. Participants feel calmness and balance. The outside world feels far away, access to inner processes improves. Body and spirit are addressed in order to get to the core. They can accept what is and are able to make new choices.
Soundfulness is not just for professionals. Soundfulness promotes an open and intuitive approach and is therefore also applicable in the home situation: with family members, sick relatives or caretakers. Also for volunteers in nursing homes, palliative care, terminal care in hospices.


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