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from: Steven Ash

Winter Solstice

This short period of time between now and winter solstice is our time to find rest, quieten down, listen to our heart beat and watch our breath. Rest long, enjoy the time to meditate, chant and sing quiet songs to the soul.

Soon, very soon, the year will turn. The pitch of the Great Mother Earth will begin to lift from the deep notes of her sleep and begin to rise towards lengthening days. Sun rising and sun setting so far south will begin to edge north after the stillness of winter solstice. This is the dawn of the year, the Coming of the Light. 

Our work for the next season will begin, arranging, planning and anticipating how we will serve. We are servants, and this is our time, our time to be most useful and most available. So rest and enjoy, its crucial to do as this season of winter teaches, wait for the time of change and when it comes, mark it with ceremony.

At 6pm on Friday 22nd December we will be celebrating the Coming of the light at our home in Ledenitzen here in Austria, with a solstice drumming ceremony to the Great Mother. You are invited to attend from your home with your drum and voice, timing with us, being with us in spirit. Drum carries spirit independent of time and space, your intention held on the heart beat will be with us as we will be with you.

Enjoy this spirit song as a gift from me to you, lets meet in the ether and join where love meets in our breathing of the holy name. Many Solstice blessings from Renata blue star woman and my self Steven buffalo spirit.

The Coming of the Light

Steven Ash’s Solstice Song inspired by Sir George Trevelyan

It was never intended to be a selfish thing,
She only wants to make your heart and mine inside me sing. Golden love is needed now to spread right through the night to show us, touching hands, all will come to right.

The colours of the rainbow blend to make the love in you. The missing part within your heart can start a lighter blue. To wash the hurt sustained decades long before,
we bow our heads lower now and pass right through the door.

Oh seeker of a softer way can sometimes come to grief,
a stricken ship towards the shore is tide upon the reef.
A higher wave will lift you through and throw you out to sea, to sail again on oceans deep to free, to free, to free

There is a lantern lit this night, it’s there beneath the dawn.
The dark will go and lantern fade as daylight brings the morning,
of love and light, of warmth and sight, that shakes the darkness of the night, a way to be, contrast and free, the coming of the light.

There is no destination for tiny boats to sail,
only oceans very deep with winds that very wail
of changes that all come with time and heal up with the same, have we got the right to say a being has the blame?

There is this love, there is this love,
there is this love that’s needed now pressed into the heart, to sail all ships to golden lands, protected haven ports,
Its love is like the gentle blue but softer to the touch, with its safety in your life, you‘re free, you’re free, you’re free

Golden wands of light burst down upon this fleet of man as daylight shakes the dark away and yellow comes the sand. Reds and yellows glimmer through the curls of blonding hair as father of all seasons shows, she cares, he cares, she cares.

And when the light has built right up and brightened whitewashed walls, the cloak of night has fallen off, forgotten are the squalls,
that blew a wind to chill the bone; we walk in bright and daylight home to be free, to be free, to be free, be free.


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