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How Authors can making best use of the Sound Forum

The Author’s space on the Sound Forum brings everything together in one place – Events, Testimonials, Posts, Articles and Video. In addition, improvements to the site as a whole means that Twitter and Facebook are much more prominent.  This means that we are in the best ever position to use status updates on Facebook and to Tweet about active Authors on the site.  

This article outlines how the facilities of the Sound Forum are utilised for the benefit of the Sound Forum Community of Authors and Members.

o   For SOCIAL NETWORKING - Posts, Articles and video dated no older than the last 30 days are posted to Facebook and Twitter, and Events are posted to Facebook and Twitter which are listed for the CURRENT month and NEXT month.

o   For both Facebook and Twitter we draw upon material from the following pages:

§  All Posts -

§  All Articles -

§  All Events -

§  PLUS individual Author video submissions. 

o   In addition, we receive notification of testimonials, reviews and comments by members.  These are very powerful sources of feedback and represent the best form of information on the value of sound.  Whenever these are submitted to the site these will be given priority.


Maintain their presence on Sound Forum by ensuring the following:

  • Events submission from now into the future:

o   so that the newsletter can publish your upcoming month’s events

o   and, so that they can be tweeted and Facebooked

  • Submission of posts, articles or video (ONE per MONTH is sufficient)

o   so that the newsletter can be guaranteed to include, for Featured Authors any material submitted in the previous month and, for Contributing Authors publication if space allows.

o   so that they can be tweeted and Facebooked

  • Although to a large extent this is beyond an Author's control, encourage testimonials, reviews and comments from participants.

o   These are a priority for inclusion in the newsletter

o   Also a priority for Twitter and Facebook.

REMEMBER that (apart from maintaining events) ONE Post or Article, Video, Review or Comment by an Author in any one month is sufficient for inclusion on Twitter, Facebook and the month’s newsletter.

From now onwards the Sound Forum’s ability to promote Sound and Its Applications has been significantly strengthened which it can do in the following ways:  

Monthly newsletter published to nearly 7000 members – yes, it continues to grow

Forum visits of over 15,000 per month

Tweeting and ‘Facebooking’ to the Sound Travels Sound Forum accounts the most recent posts, articles, video, testimonials, reviews, comments and future events.

Using Sound Forum’s membership of other social networking groups to do the same.

Making further links to other important Forums to increase exposure.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.   Do bear in mind that FAQs are now pretty extensive and may be of initial help – available here -   For each upcoming newsletter, please be thinking of next month's events, gigs, workshops for advertising in the next newsletter.   Remember too, this service is free and will remain so.  We are not going to ‘monetize’ it (horrible word).  This makes Sound Forum the most reliable, consistent and effective way of promoting Sound across the World anywhere on the internet.   

An Author need not feel obliged to use the Sound Forum if time does not permit, but remember that Patanjali recommends ‘persistent practice’ and the development of ‘non-attachment to the outcome’ (Yoga Sutras Ch. 1 v. 13-16).   This means that the Sound Forum’s value and power is therefore in its continued use by ‘putting stuff out there’ and our remaining surprised at what comes gloriously back in return.

Sound Blessings

Andrew Hodges

Sound Forum Community Director

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