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from: Tim Wheater


our ears start listening at day 45 in our mothers womb - indeed the ear even somewhat looks like an embryo !
what a great gift we have with this precious sense. and as i suggested last time - what a blessing it is when the ear has such a profound connection to the heart. please look one more time at the spelling of heart - there contained within, is the precious word- ear!
my own listening these past few weeks has been a great joy. i have the good fortune to live close to london and thus am able to attend concerts in the royal festival hall.mahlers 2nd symphony was on the menu one night -and i listened in awe to this achingly beautiful piece of music. it seemed to resonate for days afterwards within my body and consciousness. i was still hearing it on a cellular level when i took a magical walk in woods close to my home. it was raining that day, with a wind in the trees. there was no other sound but the occassional flurry of branches being moved by this force of nature, and the steady drops of rain falling onto the ground around me. both these acts of listening that i experienced that week were wonderful, and i gave and continue to give thanks to this magic art of listening that so many of us are blessed with. happy hearing to you all brothers and sisters. x

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