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i have a beautiful hill close to my home where i often walk.
it is a place of great beauty and serenity.
but in addition to this it is a wonderful place to listen to nature.
at this time of the year when the leaves are falling and the wind is howling i often just listen in amazement to the many sounds of nature that within my imagination can be transcribed to the instruments we use within the sound healing realm. part of this inspiration was originally taught to me by one of the great figures of progressive thinking and living  sir. george trevellian, when many years ago i used to have the pleasure of taking walks with him.  he would say, "listen",
"what instruments can you hear tim?" - when trees were blowing in the wind and a distant river was rushing amidst the sounds of birds and bees.............these experiences have remained with me to this day, and still inspire me to keep listening - even within silence!

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