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Posted:Naomi Potter

UK, EAST SUSSEX, HOVE - Intuition and Sound Healing Evening, Naomi Potter and Saira Ahmad, Fine Feather Wellness Hub, 25 The Drive, Hove, BN33JG, 05 Jan 2024

Welcoming you to a tarot, chakra healing, and sound bath. This experience aims to create an opportunity to move into the new year with insight and clarity.
We’ll begin the session with gentle drumming to support release and move into a soothing sound bath with singing bowls. Individual energy balancing will occur simultaneously to the sound bath to support balancing your chakras. This evening is aimed to connect with your energy field and support you with areas you’re being called release.
The experience will provide you with an individual tarot message as it’s tapping into your psyche, revealing insight and guidance for the beginning of 2024.
You might wish to your journal or paper to record any record reflections after the session. We encourage you to bring a blanket, cushion and mat to support your comfort during the sound bath and healing.
We look forward to welcoming you to a healing evening.
Saira and Naomi
N.B. as a precaution, we do not encourage sound baths for those in their first trimester of pregnancy, have a pace-maker or have experienced epilepsy caused by sounds. If you are experiencing severe mental health, please get in touch with how we can support you.

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