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Posted:Naomi Potter

UK, EAST SUSSEX, HOVE - Winter Solstice Meditation and Gong Gathering, Naomi Potter and Jennie Scrace, Fine Feather Wellness Hub, 25 The Drive, Hove, BN33JG, 21 Dec 2023

Join us for a Winter Solstice Gathering.
Jennie & Naomi invite you to take some time to reflect and go within. On this Winter Solstice night, it feels like an auspicious time to pause and prepare for the year ahead.
Jennie will encourage you to reflect on the last year, acknowledging our celebrations as well as experiences we'd like to release.
You're invited to journal your intentions for the year ahead. Allowing yourself to pause and prepare so that you are able to enter the new year calmly, peacefully and connected to what you want to achieve.
With the aid of seasonal crystals Jennie will guide you into a full body relaxation.
Naomi will take you on an enchanting sound journey using the gongs, singing bowls and gentle percussion to promote release and restoration.
Soothing the senses as well as uplifting you for the festive season.
You are welcome to sit or lie down to experience the sounds and support your comfort and relaxation.
Please bring along a mat to lie on, cushions, blankets and an eye mask to increase your comfort during the relaxation and sound experience.
Please also bring a journal to jot down any notes, intentions and insights that may arise.
We look forward to welcoming you to this special event.
Jennie & Naomi
Ps As a precaution sound baths are not advised for those in their first trimester of pregnancy, who have a pacemaker or experienced seizures brought on by sound.

EAST SUSSEX, HOVE - Winter Solstice Meditation and Gong Gathering

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