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Jenni Roditi

Posted:Jenni Roditi

UK, LONDON - Foundation Module in Vocal Tai Chi , Jenni Roditi , 55 Exchange House 71 Crouch End Hill London N8 8DF, 06 Apr 2024
The event will be held at the The Loft, Exchange House in an spacious and welcoming atmosphere.
You will receive a certificate of attendance on the Foundation Module of Vocal Tai Chi on completion of the four sessions.
To apply for the course please contact Jenni on - be vocaltaichi @ (no spaces)
It will be a simple application process - answering a few questions.
For more background on VTC - see here -
Vocal Tai Chi is a vocal improvisation practice, rooted in a slow, grounded yet flowing bodywork practice - inspired by Tai Chi, while working with vocal improvisation, drone, modes and the vast array of timbres the voice holds (extended vocal technique) in the service of authentic vocal expression, artistic journey and healing process.
It is a stand-alone course, but could be used as a stepping stone towards considering applying for the full 3 module Apprenticeship too.
[The first apprenticeship in Vocal Tai Chi took place last year and 5 practitioners were certified in September to practice Vocal Tai Chi with groups and individuals].
In 2009 Jenni asked the question: "How can I improvise while meditating?" VTC was her answer.
The afternoons are divided in two: group work 2pm-4pm, and individual work 4pm - 6pm, including creative witnessing, an active response practice to your fellow workshop participant as they work on their solo voice with Jenni. It is like 'witness-learning'. Each participant will have a solo session in each of the four workshops and all will be witnessed in this way.
" I think Jenni managed to find a very good balance between following a well thought out course structure, whilst being very open to how the energy of the group might take things in a different direction." Damien.
During this Foundation short module, you will delve into the art of Vocal Tai Chi, a unique practice that combines the harmonious flow of basic Tai Chi practice with the power of vocal expression. Led by an experienced instructor, you will learn techniques to enhance your vocal abilities, improve breath control, and develop a deeper connection between your spontaneously expressive body and voice.
Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, this event offers a supportive and intensive environment for participants of all levels. Through interactive sessions, group exercises and one to one coaching, you will explore your voice and body through free and tonally supported improvisation and meditative soundings, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your voice.
Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and vocal empowerment. Apply now for your spot on for the Foundation Module in Vocal Tai Chi to connect with the endless melody within!
Jenni Roditi
Jenni has 30 years experience working with individuals and group running vocal exploration sessions first in Voice Movement Therapy and then, from 2012, as Vocal Tai Chi. She is a composer and vocal-improviser and ran two choirs called The Improvisers' Choir and The Open Choir for Improvisers' for five years. She has a forthcoming chapter to be published in "The Routledge Companion to Women's Musical Leadership from the Nineteenth Century and Beyond". Her chapter will be titiled "Beyond Music Workshops - A Composer and a Community". Her new score "The Brimming Stone" for choir, string orchestra, keyboards and percussion is currently with a renowned national choir, for their consideration.
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  • Category : Voice
  • Start Date : 06-04-2024
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : Jenni Roditi
  • Time : 1400 - 20.30, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Address : 55 Exchange House 71 Crouch End Hill London N8 8DF
  • Contact Name : Jenni
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 07967822027
  • Pricing Details : £350
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LONDON - Foundation Module in Vocal Tai Chi

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