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Academy Of Sound Healing

Posted:Academy Of Sound Healing

UK, LONDON - Level 1 Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing 4 Day Workshop - Crystal Palace, London, UK, Sana Bokhari, See website, 20 Apr 2024

Learn how to offer sound healing with healing sounds!

Our intensive, world-class workshop and online learning centre provide:

1. An introduction to the Science, Art & Alchemy of our unique Integral Sound Healing process

2. The foundational knowledge, skills and techniques for working with 6 main instruments for sound healing:

Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls
Crystal Singing Bowls
Tuning Forks
Drums & Percussion
Your Healing Voice
How to bring it all together for:

Personal self-care and spiritual evolution
1 to 1 sound healing sessions
Small group ‘sound bath’ healing sessions

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