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Chloë Goodchild

Posted:Chloë Goodchild

UK, LONDON - Open Your Sovereign Voice, Chloe Goodchild, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, 3 Pilgrims Place, London, NW3 1NG, 23 Mar 2024

Your sovereign voice is your unique signature sound, deeper than the reactive voice of your personality. Your sovereign voice unlocks the forgotten or lost songs and stories of childhood, reveals the vibrant music of longing and belonging drawing you home to the source of sound itself, the stillness within. Your sovereign voice reveals your spoken, sung and silent capacities to feel connected and at home in the world, to express yourself freely, to be heard, to love and to be loved.

Now is the time to activate the vibration, energy and frequencies of your sovereign voice, to discover your innate and intuitive capacities to express your whole self openly and effortlessly. Your sovereign voice is a super-power of self-confidence, creativity, wisdom and sonic activism. It is the voice of your soul. Come and explore a whole new language of conscious and compassionate communication, deep inside you, a wisdom of oneness, older and deeper than the polarity of all conflict.

This inner music awakens your heart and activates the desire to spontaneously express the moods, modes and energies of love. Your sovereign voice is the messenger of unconditional loving presence. This liberates you – once and for all - from inhibiting past narratives and conditioning. Your sovereign voice releases you to hear and to respond to yourself anew and afresh.

Come and enjoy Chloë Goodchild’s playful, empowering and sonorous exercises, to embody and express your True Self. With shared intention, intuition and insight you will restore and remember your 'I AM' presence – enhanced by meditative mantras, love songs, multi-part harmonies, love poetry and improvisation.

Earlybird £55 till 29 Feb

Standard £65 from 1 March

LONDON - Open Your Sovereign Voice

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