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James D'Angelo

Posted:James D'Angelo

UK, STROUD, GLOUCESTERSHIRE - The Yoga of Vocal Sound, James D'Angelo, Hawkwood College, , Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW, 09 Jun 2024


The sound healing potential of vowels, consonants and seed syllables

Facilitator: James D'Angelo

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-transformation? Join James D’Angelo – leading authority on sound healing – in uncovering one of the great aspects for attaining true sound health through the tuning of the chakras.

In this unique workshop, James will introduce you to vocal homeopathy, and its processes by which the chakras are stimulated and retuned, clearing blockages and releasing fine energies. Alongside the therepeutic use of voice we will bring in emobodiment practices with Chi Kung like movements integrating them into the toning practices. Finally, and complementary to the chakra work you will get the chance to experince Taoist sounds/movements for the organs and mantras for the subtle field entry.

No previous experience is necessary, only a deep intent to be your true Self.
At a Glance

Toning the chakras through vowels, consonants and seed syllables
Exploring the Taoist healing sounds/movements
Engaging in subtle energy sounds
Using movements to complement the sounds
Course includes nourishing two-course lunch

Participants will Gain

Freedom of vocal expression through the various rituals
Stimulating the energy centres through mantric sounds
Refining the energy centres through the use of Tantric seed syllables
Relieving stress on the organs through the Taoist healing sounds
Drawing pulsating vocal sound within as a form of meditation

Re-tuning & Emotional Cleansing

The harmony of the universe is one of perfectly tuned vibrations. We are an integral part of these vibrations, pulsations and consciousness which create all forms. In the moments when we are in the flow, we are able to experience an integration with that harmony. Equally, we can also feel disharmony of our body/mind/spirit when the frequencies of our energy centres – the chakras and their psychology – are out of tune. A key to our self-transformation lies in the re-tuning of the chakras and of the subtle energy field.
Sound Healing

Toward this aim of retuning, James will offer various forms of toning East and West using vowels, consonants and seed syllables as mantras. You will also explore other complementary practices such as the Taoist healing sounds/movements for the organs of the body, as well as sounds for the whole energy field. Essential to the work we will be doing is the act of meditation as a way of assimilating the results of the toning rituals. Channels are kept open and no one has to produce the sounds on their own.

No previous experience is necessary! The “quality of your voice” is not taken into account.

  • Category : Sound Healing
  • Start Date : 09-06-2024
  • End Date :
  • Facilitator : James D'Angelo
  • Time : 9:30am - 5:00pm
  • Address : Hawkwood College, , Painswick Old Road, Stroud GL6 7QW
  • Contact Name : James D'Angelo
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : 01452413220
  • Pricing Details : £85 includes a hot cooked two course lunch
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