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Debbi Walker

Posted:Debbi Walker

UK, Self Care and Wellness Retreat - Cornwall, Debbi Walker & Dani Mellor, Polhilsa House, 26 Apr 2024

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Are you feeling exhausted?
Are the pressures of modern day living becoming too much?
Is it hard to keep up with the pace of work or family life - or just life in general?
Are you feeling like you’re not coping as well as you would like to?
Are you feeling like you don’t have the energy to put into yourself, friends and family?
Do you need a rest and be looked after and nurtured?
If the answer to any or all of these questions is YES…

…then look no further.

Our retreat will help you to relax, rest and restore your body and mind.
Arrive at 2pm on the Friday and depart 2pm on the Sunday - 48 hours of peace, quiet, nurturing and nourishing in a beautiful country house in East Cornwall.

A warm welcome awaits you from Debbi and Dani - Mum and daughter team.

Whether you’re here to recharge your batteries, reset your mind and body, or just detach from life’s pressures, the Rainbow Dove retreat will provide you with rest, relaxation and time to focus on your mental and physical wellbeing.

For those hoping to make some changes or form new habits to live a healthier lifestyle, there will be a number of ideas that you can hopefully take away with you and implement into life.

Across the weekend, you will start your day with a freshly made smoothie, followed by gentle yoga or a Soundbath in Debbiden. At different points across your stay there will be guided meditation, an introduction to sound healing, and guided reading groups, all specifically focused on self care and positive wellbeing.

Reconnect with nature, we will also go on gentle walks (suitable for all) in the local woodland and, weather permitting, evenings hot drinks in the garden fire pit star gazing.

Yoga: Very gentle Yoga - suitable for beginners.

Introduction to sound Healing: How Sound Healing can balance your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul and bring deep relaxation and rest to a busy lifestyle.

Guided meditation: Becoming present in the moment, sharing easily achievable tips to quieten the mind.

Smoothie making workshop: Start the day with a nourishing and nurturing smoothie to bring an energy boost to your day. This is an interactive session, full of healthy fun and laughter.

Guided readings: Inspirational and motivational guided reading sessions

Rest and Relax and Receive

All food will be nourishing and nurturing.

Places are limited so book early

What is included:
The retreat is all inclusive of your meals, refreshments, snacks. All facilitation is included and a good dollop of nurturing and nourishing too.
You will receive a journal and pen plus motivation book in your welcome pack plus other goodies.
Treatments can be pre-booked separately at a cost of £55 per session.

  • Category : Retreat
  • Start Date : 26-04-2024
  • End Date : 27-04-2024
  • Facilitator : Debbi Walker & Dani Mellor
  • Time : 2pm - 2pm
  • Address : Polhilsa House
  • Contact Name : Debbi Walker
  • Contact Email :
  • Contact Phone : +447946310239
  • Pricing Details : £395
  • Website :
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Self Care and Wellness Retreat - Cornwall

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