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Debbi Walker

Posted:Debbi Walker

UK, Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Course Online , Debbi Walker, Polhilsa House, 03 Dec 2023

My Soul Purpose is to share and teach Sound Healing and giving up a career in nursing 13 years ago to BE was what was asked of me was the first step to life in service as asked by the Divine Love and Grace. My Dharma is set to this journey through life; evolving and growing as life dictates.

Over the past 13 years I have had the pleasure of teaching how to use the Solfeggio 9 Tuning Forks. This combines with the Clear, Cleanse and Balance System (CCB) I created which uses the Tuning Forks of the OM, weighted OM and 528 sound waves, energy, frequency and vibration.

On 22.02.2022 I was almost asleep and this new channelled way of working with the vibrations began to come into my awareness. In that moment of the wee small hours, feeling the Divine Love close, I was gifted a way of interpretation for these Sacred Tones for the NOW, for this NEW Paradigm era with the sonic properties of each sound so needed. I have had them made in the Violet Ray, so the sound, colour, intention reaches new heights.

This enhanced and elevated version of using the sound waves, energy, frequency and vibration will assist by focusing intention on what IS IN THE NOW. We honour what WAS and what WILL BE, yet the focus being on this moment. I am so excited about this. It feels fresh, whole, zingy and on point for the needs of many.

The Sacred Solfeggio Tones were birthed almost 50 years ago in 1974 by Dr Joseph Puleo following a guided vision of Yesuha and then with Dr Len Harrowitz helping interpret the visions, the tones were born. 50 years ago there was a different vibration of life and as evolution occurs, society moves with the times.

Please email me if you would like to join me on this new journey into the discovery of the Healing Light Codes.

Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner Course Online

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