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Our greatest source of energy is our breath. The amount of energy we have at any time is determined by our breathing pattern. If we are stressed our breathing becomes shallower and we tighten our abdomen.

Breathing deeply helps us to connect to the present moment. Thich Nhat Hanh the Vietnamese Buddhist monk says: - “Breathing in I Calm my Body, Breathing out I Smile, Dwelling in the Present Moment, I know that this is a Wonderful Moment.”

As we sing we press the air out of our lungs with our diaphragm. If our breathing is shallow or constricted this will be reflected in our voice. We will run out of air very quickly and our voice will be weaker than others.

Many people have acquired the habit of shallow breathing in order to protect themselves from a hostile environment. Those who have grown up in a violent or unsafe home would try to breathe in as little of it as possible.

Others with shallow breathing have experienced a trauma which literally ''took their breath away'' and from which they have never recovered. When people start to tone long vowel sounds this will begin to correct a shallow breathing pattern.

As we breathe more deeply we may connect with repressed feelings held inside our body. Singing and toning is deeply healing because it enables us to let go of these feelings in a gentle way. The more we sing the more deeply we will breath, the more connected we will feel to our body.

Regular toning helps to release stress and tension held in the body, relaxing the diaphragm. As we become more relaxed we experience our true nature which is joy, love and peace.

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