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Chris James

From: Chris James

Category: Sound Therapy

'Develop Your Natural Voice' for Health Care Professionals

''Develop Your Natural Voice'' for Health Care Professionals The Art of Communication, Self-care and Active Listening - with Chris James

We recently held this seminar at the Sound Training Centre in the UK. There was a deep appreciation and the experience that taking the time to observe, self reflect and listen, allows for greater clarity and quality of care in everything we do for ourselves and others, and of course a deeper understanding that clear expression is paramount in every walk of life.
Below are some of the professions that were represented: Physiotherapist, Nutritional Therapist, General Practice Doctor, Surgeon, Naturopath, Music Therapist, Holistic Therapist. Hospital Admin., Practice manager, A & E Nurse, Access to work assessor, Occupational Therapist, Massage Therapist, Phlebotomist, Volunteer Care Group, Movement Therapist, Health Care Advisor, Health Care Assistant, Alzheimers Soc. Support W, Registered Nurse, Care Support , Research Physiotherapist, Psychologist.

This course will be presented again in the UK

Below are some testimonials from participants
Thank you Chris for a wonderful course. As well as having great fun on the day, I found the tools I learned could be applied straight away when I returned to work. The results have been amazing. Now three weeks on I can report not only am I clearer in my own expression, I find I am able to listen to others more effectively. Conversations flow more freely and problems which arise are discussed with much greater ease. It feels great to communicate in a way that supports me and how I feel and equally my colleagues and patients.
Jane Tourvaney

It was a fabulous day! Packed with great tools, self awareness exercises, expression practice of all kinds, listening skills, and really spot on examples that relate to everyday life in healthcare. It was great to be gathered together with others in healthcare taking the time to look at our communication and expression with such honesty. I look forward to doing more of these with you Chris. Thank you.
Shirley-Ann Walters

The art of true communication is fundamental to excellent healthcare and is crucial to establishing a fruitful and nurturing doctor-patient relationship. Lack of communication is often one of the main reasons for complaints by patients and their relatives. It is beholden upon us as healthcare and medical professionals to continue to develop and expand our communication skills. Chris James offers workshops to assist healthcare professionals with the art of true and clear communication and expression. The workshops are fun and light hearted and bring awareness to the connections between the breath, the body, the tone of voice and the quality of communication. Think you are a good listener? The simple exercises demonstrate we are perhaps not as good at truly listening in a non-judgmental and compassionate way as we like to think we are! Furthermore, the workshops highlight the importance of reflective self-care and the positive impact that can have on our communication skills. Simple, practical tools and skills can be taken away and implemented into practice straight away along with a renewed and healthy appreciation of one''s self. It''s a win-win all round!
Eunice Minford

I attended the Health Care Professional Day presented by Chris James recently, and realised how disconnected I have been to my voice and my body most of my life. How can I help people if I''m not looking after myself ? We all know what it feels like when an angry person speaks to us, we can feel the force of the emotion coming through, and it feels like it can hit us like a brick in the face. So we also know when a disconnected person speaks to us, they are not very interested in what we are saying and look away, and we can feel from the tone of their voice, they are elsewhere. I am now working out a rhythm, connecting to my voice and my body, and my relationships, work and life are changing incredibly. Thank you Chris!
Gill Randall

After the course my preparations for the day became much more supportive of me. I found I was no longer looking at the clock in the morning but was waking earlier doing all my preparations and arriving at work earlier than usual in a much more enlivened way which means I fulfill my role at work more fully and leave work at the end of the day still feeling good.
Judy Young

I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable and thought provoking day. I have realised how stressed I have been with work over the last few years and I now feel focused to make changes in my way of working and thinking. I enjoyed the meditative and the mind/body awareness processes which we practised - a new experience for me- and I will continue to do so. I am going to feedback to the other staff that I work with and tell the managers that we could all benefit from your help/instruction, especially in these stressful times working in the NHS. Thank you to you and the team at The Sound Foundation.
Shirley Pritchard

''Awesome presentation. I got a lot out of it, particularly on the importance of looking after myself as a health professional and how self-care can really benefit me and my patients so it is a win-win!'' Andrew Mooney It was awesome and revealing. Great to be reminded about the depth of listening required to be fully present to ourselves and others. And to be able to take another step of awareness towards even greater self responsibility.
Janet Tourvaney

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