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Dissonance to Heal Deep Pathlogy is different to the hearing dissonance

If we talk about dissonance in Sound Healing, the whole question is to know if we are talking about our musical comfort in listening to the music, or if we are talking about the use of acoustic sound for real healing purpose.          


It is clear that when I shave in the morning I will not listen to dissonant music such as Shoenberg, Xenakis or Stockhausen, as I will risk cutting my moustache in a rough way. I prefer Antonio Carlos Jobim or Debussy !


But when it comes to healing a deep pathology, it's another question, and so another approach is required.


In my sound/cellular experiment conducted in 1981, which documented the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells, ( I found that by using a series of dissonant notes (the chromatic scale), cancer cells (in vitro) exploded. 

In my conclusion, (spelled out with color photos in my new book, The Tao of Sound) I noted that dissonant  "acoustic sound progressively destabilized the structure of the cells, ultimately leading to their explosion.`````'Cancer cells appeared inflexible and stuck in their structure.... Unlike healthy cells, they seemed incapable of breathing, and could only resist the power of sound like a brick wall, eventually cracking and then exploding when the accumulation of [dissonant] sounds became too much to absorb..."

So you could say to survive dissonance, we need to breathe and be flexible!

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