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Don Conreaux

Don Conreaux has asked me to organise a concert of his Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble in London on June 16th 2012. It may be one of his last in the UK and London.

It has been an honour meeting and working with Don since I first met him in about 1993/4 when I saw this flashing light in the middle of a cropcircle in Avebury!

I was travelling there with Jonathan Goldman and we had stopped to go into another crop circle which is where we saw this mysterious light. Later on in the evening Jonathan and I were looking for somewhere to eat and found an Indian restaurant nearbyand eating in it was Don and Aidan McIntyre, Don''s faithful companion in gong magic. Jonathan knew Don from the States and introduced me to him. What we saw was Don twirling his gong in the crop circle! Since then he has invited me to perform with the Mysterious Tremendum Ensemble which Don has championed since he studied with the late Dane Rhudyar (

Don is a man of knowledge, practise, and love of the power of sound in particular the gong. He along with Eddie Provost (of experimentalgroup AMM have been the biggest influence on my understanding of the immense dynamic and transformational energy the gong has packed into its crystalline metallic structure. Don is a humble servant to his work yet can be a maverick task master to the many thousands of people who have been inspired by his important work.

He has the knowledge to write a hundred tomes about a multitude of interdisciplinary subjects like his Chiometer.
Instead Don Conreaux has travelled the world on his sacred gong pilgrimage. Please come along and honour the man. Michael Ormiston
Gong Ascension

Don Conreaux’s Ensemble Final London Concert !!Not to be missed!! special guest Estaban Valdivia (Argentina)and Michael Ormiston Candida Valentino With Aidan McIntyre,Kanti,Lila Luciana Leuzzi (Brazil)
7:30pmto 9:30pm Saturday 16th June 2012 At St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Rd, London NW1 1UL
Tickets£15 (only on the door)
More info 0208 558 6982 &
Symphonic Gong Orchestra, Ancient Shamanic Instruments from the Americas, Mongolian Khöömii Harmonic Overtone Singing, Tibetan Singing Bowls Mongolian Horse Head Fiddle, Crystal Singing Bowls and many more sacred sound ritual instruments
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