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Fabien Maman & Terrres Unsoeld Training in UK Oct 13th-20th

Join us for our UK Training Events and Lectures! Oct 15/16th: Fabien Maman, initiated in Kototama, the ancient Japanese science of pure sound, will introduce his knowledge in this sacred sound workshop. Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld will present her unique form of Shamanic healing with acoustic instruments, elemental sounds and colour around the body to harmonize the subtle energy fields (aura). Oct 17/18th: This wonderful touch technique balances the chakras and subtle energy fieldsstudies in London Oct 19th/20th:Classical Tuning Fork techniques from the Master himself. Students will learn tuning fork (aura) of the body.Tama-Do TEP Sound Tubes will be available for practice and personal experience! Oct 18th: Lecture at the College of Psychic and light protocol to balance clients using the points for the 8 Extra-Ordinary Vessels. (NB, on all courses: students will also learn the Tao Yin Fa Series I (Movement for Health), Fabien''''s own form of Qi Gong. For more details please see the ''''Events'''' pages and/or contact Carrie Mitchell (Tama Do UK coordinator) on 07814036314 or

14 Sep 2011

‘They say a master appears when you are ready to receive and yet a master is really a humble catalyst for your own alchemical change. Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld are two souls who have journeyed through their physical, emotional and spiritual energies and they speak with authenticity, from deep inside their beings. If you want support in your journey through life with the use of either colour, sound or movement; here is a fertile place to meet your needs.’ (Dr Martin Allbright, Acupuncture Master, Director of Beacon Clinic, Mentor supervisor. )

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