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Foundations of Sound-based Therapy at The Open Center

Dear Friends 

Many of you have asked about how you can learn about my work.  While I am working on developing the process to teach others eventually, now the background, the concepts, the processes, and my new work going forward will be shared in a very special weekend at The Open Center in Manhattan, NY.  As you will see below, The Open Center offers The Sound & Music Institute and the attendees get a full array of information, exposure and insight into the world of sound and music training.  

For the first time, I will be teaching an intensive 2 day weekend course on The Foundations of Sound-based Therapy emphasizing the Davis Model of Sound Intervention including demonstrating her new work called Ototoning.  If interested in learning this background process, please consider attending either the full year course or just my weekend in October.  

For information about how to attend just the weekend of October 27-28, 2012, contact and ask to register for just that weekend.  The fee is $365.  Additional information about the full course is listed below.  Class size is limited so register early. I look forward to meeting you there. 

Oct. 26–28—Dorinne Davis MA-RCTC
Foundations of Sound-based Therapies
An education and exploration of soundbased therapies, based on the Davis Model of Sound Intervention. Students will learn various methods, such as AIT, Tomatis, Bioacoustics, the foundation of those therapies and how they impact
the body.

Individual Weekends only: $365
Certain weekend programs are open to the public and non-certificate students. (Does not include Fridays, final weekend or extracurricular offerings, which are for certificate program registrants only.)

For general inquiries, please email:

The Sound & Music Instititute: Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner Training

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October 5, 2012
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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A 190-Hour Certification Training:

October 5, 2012-June 9, 2013

Wendy Young MMus  Thomas Amelio • Dorinne Davis MA RCTC • Louise MontelloPhD • Ginger Clarkson MT-BC • David Darling • John Beaulieu PhD • Pat Moffitt Cook PhD • Nacho Arimany • David Hykes • Silvia Nakkach MMT• Robert Notter 

The Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner certificate program is a  multicultural, multi-disciplinary and highly experiential approach to the study and practice of sound, music and voice and its powerful effect on the human organism. Our faculty is composed of prominent international sound and music teachers, researchers and practitioners. Our program offers students a skills-based and in-depth study of the therapeutic power of sound and music to transform consciousness and improve well-being. A certificate of completion is given to those who meet the program’s requirements in becoming an Integrative Sound and Music Practitioner. No previous experience in music or sound work is required.

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity and the quality of our teachers and the community that has developed among my fellow students in this truly astonishing course.” 
—Thomas W. student
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This program is designed for anyone interested in learning about the transformative and healing power of sound, including healthcare professionals, psychologists, clinicians, educators, musicians, clergy, music therapists, yoga practitioners, body workers, and anyone seeking innovative ways to use intentional sound to engender wellbeing in themselves and others.

• Open doorways into deep states of healing and transformation
• Enhance therapeutic relationships between client & therapist
• Gain insights into physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of life
• Receive continuing education credits
• Build networks of practitioners with like-minded interest in the power of intentional sound
• Develop knowledge and skill sets in using sound and music to help reduce stress, depression, anxiety and induce relaxation

• The technical and theoretical dimensions of musical expression including Sound, Voice, Rhythm, and Music
• Therapeutic use of sound and music including psychoacoustic music, auditory stimulation programs, creative arts/music therapies and scientific research applications
• Sacred Sound and Music—including shamanic, mantric, sound ecology and transformational sound techniques

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