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Fabien Maman

From: Fabien Maman

Category: Sound Healing

Music of the Future- 'from Fabien's latest book, The Tao of Sound

''''Healing with music can only happen if we respect the reality of the laws of nature and the cycles of the Universe. And to do this requires a little bit of research and science, which brings you to a deeper joy of playing…. We have 100,000 molecules in our body, each with its own melody. The human being is music on feet. A ‘music’ can talk to another ‘music’, and through music, we can harmonise all the differences. Through harmony we live in peace and wisdom.’ Music of the future must be about artistic expression in the highest manifestation of scientific and spiritual research. It must be grounded in sound structures, bringing human beings into healing harmony within themselves, each other, nature and the cosmos. And pure acoustic sound with harmonic overtones must prevail! For it is in the silence, between the sounds, where true healing can begin. We must return again to our musical roots, where elemental sounds empower our organs and cells, and overtones encourage our subtle fields to unfold, revealing the pure essence of our soul. Our music must serve the laws of nature and the cosmos, where we will re-discover the music of the spheres deep within our DNA…. Musicians of the future must be more than technical artists. They must be teachers and visionaries, working with energy through Sound, Colour and Movement, to bring body and consciousness into alignment with the cycles and the seasons of the earth, the stars and the planets. Musicians must lighten their own vibration so that the vibratory messages of the earth and sky can be received…. In this way, the musicians of the future will be healers of the world, not only through the music they play, but also by their very vibratory presence… My tiny dream of tuning an entire city to A440 has gained popularity (A440 corresponds to pink and the vibration of love) I am happy to see so many groups Om-ing and Ah-ing around the world for world peace. If they add A440 as the pitch, it will be even better! These forms of collective consciousness help as long as we remember the vibration of the moment, after the moment. We cannot OM for world peace and then go out on the street and yell at someone who annoys us or put our IPOD back on and isolate ourselves for the rest of the year. Consciousness takes every moment of our lives to be manifested. To walk the path we must walk the path of harmony- at all times. There is no separation between our behaviour when we are ‘onstage’ and ‘off’. We must embody the cosmic vibration that is our musical heritage down to our DNA. For me, the future of my music is certainly to come back to my musician roots. I am playing more and more ''Seasonal Harmonising Concerts'' around the world and teaching students to do the same. Ive added a profound opening at the beginning of my concerts. After drawing the astrological chart of the evening of the concert, and composing, according to my research, a sound meditation based on the notes of the correspondence within the chart, I play the piano, to tune as high as I can with the planetary messages of the moment. We will be joining with many wonderful people at the College of Sound Healing Conference at Malvern, in November for an Autumn Harmonising Concert. Why don’t you join us and become part of the Healing Harmony to take us into the new vibration beyond 2012! Check out the events page for more details of this and our small UK Based Tama-Do Academy Workshops in Leicestershire. More details can be gained from Carrie Mitchell (Tama-Do Academy’s Senior Practitioner & UK Instructor) at or 07814036314

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