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One Year Celebration

Congratulations to the creators of Sound Travels for the anniversary of this great website. I am grateful to be a part of this sound community and look forward to more developments as the website continues to grow, along with it's resonant people! I was thinking, as Andrew was asking for some reflections on the website, that it might be great to have some more sound on it. This could take the form of something fairly standard, like having audio clip samples for the CDs on sale, to having more audio content from the authors or even a facility for members.

As I am new to the site, I am still discovering what it has to offer, as there is so much great content - so if I have overlooked this, then many apologies! But yes, I think some kind of easy, user friendly app on the site which encourages audio/video content from authors and members might be cool. Lots of Rainbows, Karen.

01 Oct 2010
Andrew Hodges

Hi Karen, Thank you so much for your kind words. We're all going to help each other now and into the future progressively take the creativity, the ideas and the message of sound and its capabilities out to the general population and the universe.

We are gradually adding mp3s to the products and the CDs. I'd like to look at the possibility too of adding the facility for Authors to do this directly but the software is a bit too 'geeky' to install at the moment. As for video, so long as it is already on the web somewhere else and can have it's encoding embedded in an article it will appear in an Author's space. If you material like that then just send methe link and I will do it manually.

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