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Polarity is inevitable – yet a rose doesn’t argue with the wind

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World and nature
Polarity and dualism are what the world andmind- as opposed to the natural reality of being – comprises. World is createdby and mirrors mind (as opposed to nature). Polarity is endlessly expressing inthis unfolding dream which is real and unreal. Full embrace of this polarity(which is always impossible in separation) is the only answer to suffering,mind chatter, and conflict, inner between intelligence and shadow, or outerwhich must reflect that inner. The incapacity to surrender to Being, to God, tolife’s intelligence and unconditionality, to what is at the deepest, createsthe build up of tension. The dangers of unconsciousness, unmet need and projection Currently, in this ever-changing manifestcreation, we live in very tense times, maybe more dangerous than they have everbeen. In the human material plane a kind of hell has been created and onlyconsciousness allows an individual to escape it. Boys who have not grown intofully realised men are putting everything natural at risk. And those boypoliticians we have given our authority away to are innocent, blameless,because they are the inevitable expressions of current mass consciousness. Theyare a revelation, for all the world to see, of most human beings’ psychicconflict, the preference for aggression, brinksmanship and blame rather thanthe harm-less embracing of old wounds and capacity to feel the currents of lifewithout reactivity, which deep transformational work brings. Our current planetarysituation is a revelation that can bring deep healing and increased humanity,if the collective (represented by our political leaders) rises to the challengeto find a way, through conscious negotiation, to embrace and make safe so manyconflicting priorities. But, as in the individual awakening journey, theproblems, the unmet natural needs that create them and the projections andblame must be fully acknowledged and dissolved, for resolution to happen. The end of separation is full embrace and dissolution ofpolarity Many teachings are promoted on the basis of‘this light can change the world’. Nothing is definitively known about thathere. Human beings like to think that enlightenment can bring the end of allsuffering on the planet. True transformation can only happen one man and onewoman at a time and that demands painful separation from parental and societalconditioning and opinion, true self-honesty and the courage of vulnerability,and the strength to stay with pain and not reject it or defend against it. Itis clear that the possibility of the end of polarity is a dream of a hope themind creates to avoid feeling unresolved pain. The end of separation does notbring predictive abilities. It does bring infinite sensitivity, full blown nofilter, full on….what is. The end of separation means that the apparentplight of a man or woman in Seoul, Japan, California, or North Korea in theface of nuclear annihilation, or the people and animals in the U.S and Asia whoare struggling to live while feeling the full impact of climate change, is whatis, and it is horror. Awake to that, some intelligent assumptions might be madeabout right wise actions. They may be wrong. Everything is unknown. The end of polarity on planet Earthwould be in the appearance only created by the end of the world as it has everbeen known in human consciousness. Annihilation. The end of everything. The endof the world is an unfathomable and unacceptable possibility to the mind. Yetthe mind wrestles with and resists the very polarity it needs and continuallycreates! An individual who wishes to live free andhappy or a couple who wish to live a fulfilling and rich shared life must come to embrace polar opposites – the light andthe shadow, conflict between man and woman, conflict between nations, the goodand the bad, the happy and the sad. Silence of the heart The journey of coming to clear seeing beyondprojection and trance, conditioned beliefs and their consequent feelings, isthe only meaningful pursuit. The opening to silence beyond ego demands andblame, is the only peace. The only way a separate individual can beginto ‘end the world’ and polarity in consciousness is by seeing through opinion,feelings and argument (duality) and making themselves available for grace, thesource that is beyond polarity, the end of separation and the arising ofnatural beingness, for nobody. This is death, and the awakening ‘process’,where the conditioned self fights to sustain its projections, illusions andbelief systems as if fighting for its life and will play any trick in the bookto obliterate intelligence and love, is undoubtedly painful at times. Simply being, living essence, living what is infinite, is thejewel of life. Somehow, this embodied and full realisationof the mystery that is gives the courage and trust to live ‘your’ naturalreality – to find your voice, free of blame or judgement, do the thingsthat you long to do, be bold even when feeling fear, create truly fulfillingconnection. ‘Wake up, wake up’ says the bird song. Life isn’t what you believeit to be. ‘You’ can’t make yourself wake up. But the architecture of theindividual can fall away, can be dismantled chip by chip, with a clear mirrorand a willing, kindness for self and others and courageous heart. The newongoing group, Being, is a direct exploration of this possibility andpotential, which life is shouting out every moment. In this video, made while with a beautifulongoing circle, I touch for you on the underlying context of Secret Garden.Being is ‘beyond the world’ and yet embodied realisation helps you come toterms with the current instabilities, the sufferings from extreme weather inthe US and Asia, and the real dangers that the world grapples with. It ispossibly confronting to receive this video’s message, given how muchreassurance and defence a conditioned self needs to sustain its delusions.Remember that Secret Garden embraces, uniquely, the unvarnished reality andalso, separately, compassionately embraces your being human, helps you learnabout what is effective or ineffective. Applied deep intelligence and trueeducation in structures and circles helps you to create the rich and nourishinglife you choose and release what has created problems for you. So none of whatis said in this video is suggesting at all that intelligent action,communication, tenderness, clear intelligent boundaries and every day healingof mis-perceptions, projections and defences are not important. They are if youlive in a body! Intolerance and the incapacity to embrace thepolarity in unfolding nature leads to a loss of human tenderness. That caneasily escalate and sabotage what you hold dear. Every human being hasvulnerabilities. If tension rises, breathe let go of what you have made up,allow the heart’s silence – it can diffuse the defences. Do you live love,rather than fear? Wishing our world leaders wisdom and all thesupport they need at this time, and ease and freedom of being to all beings.Amama. Let’s expect the best. Circles are always unique and arehighly experiential – they are about YOU, NOW, your freedom to livethe fullness of being, ecologically and sustainably, in your chosen life. Join us in a deep dive into the possibilitiesof being, of natural aliveness. An awakening to the mystery, infiniteintelligence and potential of soul. This is right now your rare window toattend a new ongoing group for many a moon and at least 2 years orlikely more, if it ever arises again. Early booking discounts MUST end at thedeadline date (or before, if the circle is full) so that practical andenergetic preparations can be made well ahead. Find out What Other Participants Say about anongoing group at and Discover the specific benefits you canreceive in this extraordinary ongoing circle Go to toQUICK book one of the limited places Enter this Discount Code as a thank you fortaking time to watch this video – If you book your place and pay your fullbalance or first instalment between now and the early booking deadline, and apply the codeVIDEO on the booking page, – you will receive a £30discount in addition to any other discount that applies.

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